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Syndromes & Conditions - Rett Syndrome


Kim Johnson Anne McDonald Centre [2015]

This Australian article was written by Kim Johnson and her mother, Jill. Kim has Rett Syndrome, which was unrecognised in the 1960's when she was born. She uses a head-pointer to communicate by typing. Kim completed her final year of secondary school just recently and is continuing with her studies. This site gives insight into some of the thoughts, feelings and issues people with Rett Syndrome.

Rett Syndrome -- West Perth: Telethon Kids Institute [2015]

Provides information about Rett Syndrome, resources, news and events, and stories from families. It also includes information about current research, including AussieRett: Australian Rett Syndrome StudyAustralian Rett Syndrome Study which is is based at the Telethon Kids Institute, and InterRett: The International Rett syndrome study.

Rett syndrome -- Victoria: Better Health Channel [2015]

Provides information on Rett Syndrome, including diagnosis, types, stages, therapy, education, communication and support groups.

Rett Syndrome -- London: Contact a Family [2015]

This article provides a good general introduction to Rett Syndrome, outlining the development of the syndrome from birth through childhood to adulthood.

Rett UK Rett UK [2015]

Provides information about Rett Syndrome, what it is and how it is diagnosed, and information about support in the UK. -- Cincinnati, Ohio: [2015]

Provides information about Rett Syndrome, research, and practical information for families.