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Syndromes & Conditions - Klinefelter Syndrome


Australian X and Y Spectrum Support AXYS [2016]

Provides information and support to individuals and families affected by X and Y chromosome variations such as Klinefelter syndrome. There is information for teachers and health providers via the links page, as well as upcoming events and support groups.

AXYS -- Mendenhall, PA: AXYS [2016]

This website describes conditions associated with X & Y chromosome variations including Klinefelter Syndrome.

Check your balls KS [Facebook page] [2016]

Provides information to promote awareness about Klinefelter Syndrome, including upcoming events and conferences. [Klinefelter's Syndrome] -- Perth, WA: Lawley Pharmaceuticals [2016]

This website, owned and administered by Lawley Pharmaceuticals in Perth, WA provides information about Klinefelter's Syndrome, along with links to support groups and associations.

Disability online : Klinefelter syndrome Department of Human Services, Vic. [2016]

This provides a general overview of Klinefelter's Syndrome and covers symptoms at birth, signs at puberty, possible causes and complications, diagnosis, treatment and help.

Healthdirect : Klinefelter syndrome -- Canberra: Department of Health [2016]

Information about Klinefelter syndrome, causes, symptoms, affect on health and treatment. Includes links to further information.

Klinefelter Organisation [UK] [2016]

A non profit organisation providing mutual support and information to Klinefelter sufferers and their families, and furthering awareness of KS in the UK.

Klinefelter's Support Group WA [2016]

The Klinefelter�s Support Group aims to provide support, information and resource materials about Klinefelter�s syndrome to affected individuals and families in Western Australia to help men and boys with this syndrome adjust to life. The Group also endeavours to provide health professionals and the community with information about our support group and Klinefelter�s syndrome.

Klinefelter's syndrome -- Melbourne: Andrology Australia [2016]

Discusses the causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of Klinefelter's syndrome.

Klinefelter's Syndrome Association -- [UK]: Klinefelter's Syndrome Association [2016]

Provides information on Klinefelter Syndrome [KS], research, clinical trials, and other resources and publications including a link to the downloadable KS story "You are not alone" by Iain W McKinlay and other personal stories

Klinefelter Syndrome information and support -- [US]: [2016]

Provides information on Klinefelter Syndrome including a personal account of growing up and living with the condition. Also provides links to support groups, mostly in the US.

Klinefelter Syndrome : overview

Provides information on Klinefelter Syndrome, research, clinical trials, and other resources and publications.