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Epilepsy ACT [3 children's books explaining epilepsy] -- Weston, ACT: Epilepsy ACT [2014]

Epilepsy ACT provides education and support services to children and adults with epilepsy or other seizure disorders. The site has links to information about epilepsy, services, resources and research. Includes 3 children's books to explain epilepsy: Dinosaur Friends To Catch a Star Down, Down, Down

Epilepsy Action Australia Epilepsy Action Australia [2015]

Epilepsy Action provides education and support services to children and adults with epilepsy or other seizure disorders across Australia. The site includes links to information about epilepsy, services, resources and research.

Epilepsy Australia -- Adelaide: Epilepsy Australia [2015]

This Australian site includes a national directory of epilepsy organisations and support services, information on epilepsy, seizure first aid and links to further sites.

Epilepsy Foundation -- Landover, Md: Epilepsy Foundation [2015]

This site provides comprehensive information about epilepsy and seizures.

Epilepsy Foundation -- Surrey Hills, Vic.: [2015]

Provides an extensive range of information about epilepsy including a resource library.

Epilepsy Foundation of Victoria : Epilepsy Foundation Library -- Victoria: Epilepsy Foundation of Victoria [2015]

The Epilepsy Foundation Library collection is a source of diverse information supporting a wide range of clients, including people with epilepsy, carers, children, medical and health professionals and the wider public with an interest in the epilepsy. The collection comprises more than 2,600 books and audio visual materials, complete holdings of the major epilepsy-related journals plus extensive current information files containing articles on many subjects relating to both the study of epilepsy and living with epilepsy. [Website]

Epilepsy Society -- UK: [2015]

Provides comprehensive information on a wide range of topics related to epilepsy and seizures.

Epilepsy WA Epilepsy Association (WA) [2015]

Provides information about epilepsy and managing seizures, personal stories and support groups.

Learning disability and epilepsy [2015]

This web page provides information, including statistics, on epilepsy and intellectual disability. It discusses possible links between epilepsy and intellectual disability, treatment options, the effect of anti-epileptic drugs on behaviour, and cognitive functioning and epilepsy.

Little Poss is an interactive website for kids with epilepsy. There are games, stories can be shared with other kids, newsletters and first aid for epilepsy for kids (bonus material)

Understanding intellectual disability and health : epilepsy -- UK: St Georges, University of London;University of Hertfordshire;Hertordshire Partnership University Foundation Trust [2015]

Provides information on epilepsy in people with intellectual disabilities. Discusses epidemiology, diagnosis, classification, aetiology and treatment. Also looks at the psychological and social impact of epilepsy and provides risk management strategies to prevent injuries from occurring if a person has a seizure.