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ACT Down Syndrome Association [2017]

This site contains news and information for members of the Association, as well as information about Down syndrome and links to other useful sites.

Birth defects - trisomy disorders -- Victoria: Better Health Channel [2017]

Provides a brief overview of birth defects involving chromosomes. Three syndromes involving chromosomes (Down, Edward and Patau)are discussed and their characteristics explained. Risk factors during conception, diagnosis and where to get help are included.

Canadian Down Syndrome Society [2017]

This Canadian site is primarily a vehicle to enable parents and/or professionals to communicate between themselves about issues of concern to them, and to provide support.

Down Syndrome and dental care : a full guide for their caregivers -- Lincoln, NE: Emergency Dentists USA [2017]

Down syndrome and you : a booklet for people with Down syndrome -- Calgary, Alberta: Canadian Down Syndrome Society [2014] 16 p.

A booklet for people with Down syndrome explaining all about the condition and how it may effect different parts of the body.

Down Syndrome Association of Queensland [2017]

Provides links to information, resources, education support, post school opportunities, events and training, and a resource library.

Down Syndrome Association [UK] [2017]

Provides links to information about Down Syndrome, information for parents, people with Down Syndrome, families and carers, and professionals.

Down Syndrome Education Online Down Syndrome Education International [2017]

Down Syndrome Education Online offers comprehensive information about Down syndrome, including articles, books and scientific papers. Publications currently available on this web site include: articles from the journal Down Syndrome Research and Practice and books in the Down Syndrome Issues and Information series.

Down Syndrome NSW [2017]

Website of Down Syndrome NSW providing extensive links to a vast range of information relating to Down syndrome including. There is also a comprehensive library and online catalogue, and links to material in 'easy read' format.

Down Syndrome Research Foundation [2017]

The Down Syndrome Research Foundation is a Canadian organisation dedicated to improving life for people with Down syndrome through research and education. The site provides comprehensive information about Down Syndrome, online videos and research information.

Down Syndrome South Australia (DSSA) -- Welland, SA: [2017]

Down Syndrome today -- Fitzroy, Vic.: Down Syndrome Australia 2014. 1 YouTube video (11 min. 20 sec.)

People with Down Syndrome, their families and professionals take a candid look at what Down Syndrome looks like for Australians with Down Syndrome today (website).

Down Syndrome Victoria [2017]

DSAV's site provides an informative overview of Down syndrome with sections specifically designed for parents and professionals, as well as access to an online library of resources available on the internet.

Down Syndrome Victoria : information by specific topic [2017]

Down Syndrome Victoria have compiled reference lists of recommended online resources on a range of topics to help those interested in Down syndrome access relevant and up to date information. Topics include: adult life; behaviour matters; Down syndrome and Alzheimer's disease; Down syndrome and autistic spectrum disorder; education; friendships; health; immigration; nutrition, weight and fitness; siblings; skills development; early development.

Down Syndrome WA [Facebook page]

Official Facebook page for Down Syndrome WA. Here you will be able to find information on recent news and events, interesting links, discussions, and support.

Down Syndrome Western Australia Down Syndrome WA (DSWA) [2017]

DSWA website provides information and links to new parent and family support, information about Down Syndrome, diagnosis, life stages, health, medical, news and events, and research.

Mosaic Down Syndrome on the Web [2017]

Linda Beets is the mother of a daughter with Mosiac Down Syndrome. The site aims to provide information about the condition as well as providing a forum for discussion and communication with others.

National Down Syndrome Society -- New York: Naitonal Down Syndrome Society [2017]

The National Down Syndrome Society is a leading human rights organization for all individuals with Down syndrome.

New Zealand Down Syndrome Association New Zealand Down Syndrome Association [2017]

The site provides information about Down Syndrome, in particular relating to newborns and the early years.

Speech, language and communication for individuals with Down syndrome : an overview Down Syndrome Education International [2008] 6 p.

This overview covers speech, language and communication development in Down syndrome from birth to teenage years. It discusses: the processes and influences on speech and language development in typically developing children; the specific speech and language difficulties of children with Down syndrome and their possible causes; and effective interventions.