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A4 Autism Aspergers Advocacy Australia -- Mawson, ACT: A4 Autism Aspergers Advocacy Australia 2007.

A website for the Autism Aspergers Advocacy Australia which was "formed in response to the growing demand from people with autism spectrum condition and their families who wish to have a more direct involvement in raising the profile of autism-related issues with the decision-makers, to government and the media. The aim of the advocacy organisation is to provide a voice on a national and a state and territory level for individuals and groups across Australia." The site includes descriptions and diagnostic criteria for Autism and Aspergers, information about Autism Aspergers Advocacy Australia, newsletters, membership and activities

ABC parenting Australian Broadcasting Corporation [2014]

The ABC has partnered with the Raising Children Network to present factual, "in a nutshell" content about children aged 0 months to 8 years of age and keeps up to date with the latest developments. It features nutritional basics, and covers popular disability related topics such as autism, ADHD, childhood obesity and bullying.

AMAZE. About autism spectrum disorders. Resources Amaze (Autism Victoria) [2014]

This section of the AMAZE website contains information about autism spectrum disorders that is especially useful for families receiving a recent diagnosis. There is information in other languages including Arabic, Greek, Chinese, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese.

App guide : top autism apps rated for your child -- Sunnybank, QLD: Autism Queensland Inc. 2013. 13 p.

Autism Queensland and a team of Speech Pathology students have produced a starter guide aimed at helping parents choose appropriate apps for their children with autism. 'APPraisal of APPropriate APPs' provides a five point rating system to help parents select the right apps for their children. The apps are split into 11 different areas according to how the app may support the child, as well as considering the independence needed to access the app, motivation, feedback given to the child, the sensory friendliness, the ability to customize, and language skills needed. Included are links to documents entitled "App guide : a guide to finding and accessing apps" and "Things to consider when choosing an App". The latter explains the rating system that has been applied. [website]

ASAT. Association for Science in Autism Treatment -- Hoboken, N.J.: [2014]

ASAT is a not-for-profit organization of parents and professionals who aim to improve the education, treatment, and care of people with autism. The website aims to provide access to credible information related to autism treatments, service providers, strategies for making informed decisions, and the published results of expert panels and task forces. There is a resource section providing comprehensive book reviews, summaries of scientific research on interventions on autism, topical articles, and a clinical section with questions regarding facets of science-based intervention or treatment delivery, and responses from renowned experts in the field of autism.

Australian Advisory Board on Autism Spectrum Disorders -- Forestville, NSW: Australian Advisory Board on Autism Spectrum Disorders 2007.

The Australian Advisory Board on Autism Spectrum Disorders is the national peak body representing people who have an autism spectrum disorder, their families, carers and helpers. Through its members, the Advisory Board represents over 12,000 people who live with an autism spectrum disorder and who are members of, or who obtain services from, the Advisory Board�s member organisations. The focus of the Advisory Board is working with governments to develop appropriate policies for people who have an autism spectrum condition, their families and carers, disseminating information about ASDs and working with the Australian ASD community to build skills.

Australian Autism Aspergers Network (AAA Network) -- QLD: Australian Autism Aspergers Network [2013]

Australian Autism Aspergers Network Inc. aims to improve awareness and services throughout Australia. The website provides with reliable information, events & workshops, Australia wide directory of services, resources, factsheets, support groups & services, government initiatives, latest research, book reviews & more. Development of a children�s interactive learning website is currently under construction. [website]

AutCraft [Autism Minecraft server] [2013]

Minecraft server dedicated to providing a safe, fun and learning environment for children on the autism spectrum and their families.

Autism [2012]

A brief outline which covers the symptoms of autism, typical behaviours and problems, and the type of help available.

Autism and Aspergers Support Group Inc -- Sydney: Autism and Aspergers Support Group Inc [2011]

The Autism and Aspergers Support Group, based in NSW, was formed in 1998 by a group of parents and carers of individuals who had the diagnosis of either Autism or Aspergers Syndrome. They hold support meetings, organise events and activities, social groups and produce a monthly newsletter. There is also access to a library of books and videos relating to ASD, which financial members are welcome to borrow.

Autism and Educational Services -- Balcatta, WA: Autism and Educational Services [2009]

A West Australian based organisation created with the goal of providing comprehensive services for individuals with ASD. AES develops individualized home programs and a variety of school services, including classroom consultation and staff training. Techniques and methods are based on the principles of Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) and include discrete trial training (DTT), Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), visual supports and social skills training techniques. [Website]

Autism and related disorders : a Telethon Institute for Child Health Research website -- Subiaco, WA: Telethon Institute for Child Health Research [2011]

The Autism and Related Disorders research team at the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research in Western Australia investigates the genetic and neurobiological causes of autism and related disorders, and conducts clinical intervention trials into these conditions. This website lists current research projects conducted by the team along with published and in-press research articles and publications.

Autism apps -- Shenton Park: Autism Association of Western Australia 2014.

Technology such as personal tablet devices have become common place in many peoples� lives at home, work or school. This website has been developed in response to the many parents, teachers and individuals who have approached The Autism Association of WA asking for ideas about how to effectively use technology, specifically an iPad or tablet device. This website can offer you information about: how to use an iPad effectively; how to support people with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) using technology; tips for selecting a useful app; information related to the National Curriculum and Evidence Based Practise for supporting individuals with ASD.

Autism apps -- Perth: Autism Association of Western Australia 2013.

This website has been developed in response to the many parents, teachers and individuals who have approached us asking for ideas about how to effectively use technology, specifically an iPad or tablet device [taken from website]. The site offers help on using an iPad and selecting appropriate apps. It also discusses recent research and reviews apps.

Autism Aspergers Network Magazine -- QLD: Autism Aspergers Network Magazine 2014.

The Autism Aspergers Network Magazine covers a diversity of topics ranging from adults to children, relationships, friendships, parenting, education, homeschooling, living environments, employment, travel, the arts, music, technology, book reviews plus and more. The magazine is available for purchase online from the website at $24 per year for a digital version. An individual cost for the digital is $6.00.

Autism Association of Western Australia [2012]

This website from the local association includes a frequently asked questions section, information on teaching strategies and early intervention services available from the Association.

Autism Awareness -- Chatswood, NSW: [2009]

The Autism Awareness campaign began in 2007 with the aim of promoting an increased understanding of autism spectrum disorders within the community. Autism Awareness was founded by a small group of parents who run this non profit organisation in an effort to disseminate relevant information to both the general public and the autism community. The organisation is committed to promoting government initiatives which improve funding and services to the ASD community and reflect best practices. They advocate for improved services aimed at school aged children, adolescents and adults with ASD on behalf of families affected by autism. The website provides general advice and information on available services for families, professionals and organisations. I

Autism Center: patient centred guides. [2012]

Contains excerpts from the book "Pervasive Developmental Disorders: finding a diagnosis and getting help" (in Activ Library). Topics covered include medication, diet and alternative therapies. It includes the full text to two diagnostic tools - the Autism Research Institute's Form E-2 Check List and the Childhood Autism Rating Scale (CARS).

Autism CRC [Cooperative Research Centre for Living with Autism Spectrum Disorders ] -- Brisbane: University of Queensland 2014.

The Cooperative Research Centre for Living with Autism Spectrum Disorders (Autism CRC) is the world�s first national, cooperative research effort focused on Autism. Taking a "whole-of-life" approach to autism focussing on diagnosis, education and adult life, Autism CRC brings together occupational therapists, educators, biologists, psychologists, governments, international organisations, community groups and industry.

Autism every day [2008] Video (13.20 min.)

Provides a link to a downloadable short video, "Autism Every Day", a documentary about the everyday life of families looking after children with autism.

Autism Independent UK -- Kettering, Northants: Autism Independent UK [2013]

Website of Autism Independent UK includes information on diagnosis, assessment, education, treatment, news and the latest research [website].

Autism information page [2012]

A general overview of autism that looks at diagnosis, causes and treatment approaches.

Autism noticeboard [2010]

This website provides information and contact details of organisations and professionals specialising in autism spectrum disorder services in Australia. It also provides details of forthcoming events.

Autism NOW -- Washington DC: Administration on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities;The Arc [2013]

Autism NOW: The National Autism Resource and Information Center provides resources and information for individuals with Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and other developmental disabilities, their families, and staff working in the field.

Autism / Pervasive Developmental Disorder 2004.

This website offers a broad range of information on Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorder. Information includes definitions, characteristics, theories, frequently asked questions, resources and forums. There are sponsored links to other websites on topics such as diet, educational issues, behaviourial issues, family, jobs and careers and support. This site is based in the United States which can limit the availability of resources, however a lot of the information provided is not place specific.

The autism puzzle -- UK: 2002. 1 video (60 min.)

Documentary made in 2002/3 for the BBC, featuring the author's autistic older brother Timothy, and father Michael Baron, co-founder of the National Autistic Society. It explores the history of autism and why the disorder is affecting increasing numbers of people as its definition has broadened and awareness has grown. A mixture of personal history, archive film dating back to the 1960s and interviews with families affected by autism - including writer Charlotte Moore and artist David Braunsberg. The Autism Puzzle also features insight into cutting-edge research into brain anatomy and the genetics of autism from some of the world's leading authorities - Dr Lorna Wing, Professors Tony Bailey, Fred Volkmar, Christopher Gilberg and Ami Klin. [website]

Autism Queensland : education, therapy and support services -- Sunnybank, QLD: Autism Queensland Inc. [2008]

Website of Autism Queensland, there is information about autism, early intervention, services and resources available, and a comprehensive list of links to other Australian and international autism related websites.

Autism Research Institute Autism Research Institute 2007.

Website of the Autism Research Institute based in the US, provides information on possible causes, prevention and treatments for autism.

Autism resources [2012]

John Wobus is the father of a son with autism and has developed this site over a number of years. It is a well organised site and covers a wide range of topics relating to autism and Asperger syndrome. It has a particularly good set of links to different treatments, an excellent listing of books and journal articles on autism (many held in Activ library) and advice to parents who discover their child is autistic.

Autism SA Autism Association of South Australia [2012]

This website offers general information on autism, as well as reading lists, publications, training and a searchable resource centre catalogue. Includes strategies for therapies and interventions and a wide range of tip sheets on various topics to help support families, carers and teachers. The Autism SA also provides access to an online library and ebook browse & searching service. This is available to members only.

Autism services directory 2013 : Perth metropolitan area including some country services -- Belmont, WA: Therapy Focus 2013. 94 p.

A directory of services available in WA to children with autism spectrum disorders. Includes information on diagnostic services, early intervention services, school age services, private practioners, research, parent support groups, behaviour management, respite services and others. See

Autism Society of America [2012]

This site has extensive information resources. The Getting Started section is designed for parents whose child has just been diagnosed as having autism. The Information section includes a number of documents which deal with topics such as challenging behaviour, early intervention, residential choices and educational strategies.

Autism Society of North Carolina. [2012]

While a lot of the information on this site is specific to the United States, the bookshop has probably one of the best listings of publications about autism and many are held by Activ Library.

>Autism speaks: first 100 days kit -- USA: Autism Speaks Inc. 2008. 76 p. ; 30 cm

This provides a tool kit to assist families get the critical information they need after diagnosis of Autism. It explains what autism is and what diagnosis means. It offers families advise on how to deal with it, and how to access services for the child. It also looks at treatment and therapy and suggests further books and websites on the subject.

Autism Speaks. Resource library Autism Speaks [2014]

Provides links relating to autism on a wide range of topics including : adults with autism; Asperger syndrome; assistive technology; autism apps; bereavement and grief resources; blogs; books; diet and nutrition; epilepsy autism; films about autism; magazines and newsletters, online learning tools; online TV and audio tools; postsecondary education resources; religious resources; safety products; sensory tools and products; toys and games; video tools and dvd's; visual tools; websites for families.

Autism Speaks. Tool kits Autism Speaks [2014]

Provides links to downloadable resources on a range of topics relating to autism, such as: blood draw tool kit; dental professionals' tool kit; feeding behaviour; applied behaviour analysis; toilet training; visual supports; challenging behaviour; sleep; hair cuts, and more.

Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) -- Forestville, NSW: Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) [2008]

Website of the organisation Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) which is based in NSW. There is information on autism as well as links to resources and other services available for families and carers of people with Autism.

Autism spectrum disorder - online resource transition package -- Brisbane: [2014]

The Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) - Online Resource Transition Package is a joint Queensland project between the Department of Education, Training and Employment (DETE), AEIOU Foundation and Autism Queensland (AQ). The online resource package has been developed to assist early intervention service providers, parents and teachers by providing information and resources to support children with ASD transition into Queensland schools. The resource aims to provide a broad understanding of the support available for children and young people with ASD. The information is divided into sections relevant to families and educators, as well as information regarding further learning and support. Whilst developed specifically for those living in Queensland, there is also alot of information and ideas which will be of relevance to families, teachers and service providers in general.

Autism spectrum disorders -- Washington DC: 2010. 6 p.

A fact sheet which looks at the definition of autism spectrum disorders and discussess related disorders including Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD), Pervasive Developmental Disorders Not Otherwise Specified (PDDNOS), Asperger syndrome, Rett syndrome and childhood disintegrative disorder. It provides information on characteristics, prevalence, diagnosis, help available, schooling, and tips for parents and teachers.

Autism spectrum disorders program -- Sioux Falls, SD: Sanford School of Medicine. The University of South Dakota [2008]

The aim of the Center for Disabilities Autism Spectrum Disorders Program is to provide information, training, evaluation services, consultations and family support groups for consumers. This site provides links to a variety of topics on autism.

Autism therapies need more than just compassion -- Perth: The Conversation Aug 2014. 1 news article

The article discusses the importance of scientific evidence and testing therapies for autism, along with lack of scientific evidence for some complementary and alternative medicine that is offered.

Autism today : everything you need to know about autism [2012]

This website has general information about Autism and Asperger syndrome on a variety of topics including toilet training, sleeping, language and emotions. The site is split into two sections, one for members and the other for guests. The guests menu provides a brief overview of what you will find in the members section. There are sections on frequently asked questions, definitions of Autism and Asperger syndrome, treatments and an online bookstore.

Autism training resources -- UK: Department of Health (UK) 2012.

The UK Department of Health has funded a series of online training resources and booklets to increase awareness and understanding of autism across the public sector. A range of resources have been produced to enable staff to respond more effectively to the needs of adults with autism.

Autism Victoria. amaze [2012]

Information about the Autism Victoria organisation, including a good set of links. Also helpful information under 'Discover' about Autism Spectrum Disorders, and living and working with those on the spectrum.

Autism West -- Nedlands: Autism West [2011]

Autism West is a West Australian, non-profit, incorporated association run by parents of children with autism spectrum disorder. The website provides information on contacts and services they offer.

Autism World Magazine -- Mosman Park: MagsWest 2013 -

Autism World Magazine is a monthly digital magazine published in Western Australia supporting all those in the Autism and Asperger�s Community. It is available for free subscription via iPhone/iPad/iPod Edition: Androids: Online ISSUU: Digital Download: -- Victoria: Gateways Support Services [2008]

This website is an initiative of Gateways Support Services, an organisation funded by the Department of Human Services, Victoria. Gateways provides support to children and adults with autism and their families with a focus on services that support inclusion and participation in family and community life. The websites provides links to comprehensive information and factsheets on topics including early childhood, education, health, community and recreation, employment, services available in Victoria, and Australian and international autism related organisations.

Beware of false or misleading claims for treating autism. Consumer update -- Silver Spring, Md: United States. Food and Drug Administration 2014.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently warned a number of companies that they are facing possible legal action if they continue to make false or misleading claims about products and therapies claiming to treat or cure autism. They state some of these so-called therapies carry significant health risks and have outlined some of these in this consumer update.

Blogs & blog posts written by non-speaking autistics. Blogs written by autistics [2014]

A website that includes links to blogs and books written by people with autism.

Camp Autism WA Inc. Camp Autism WA Inc. [2014]

Camp Autism W.A. INC is a group that organises and runs camps and day events for children on the autism spectrum to attend with their families. Children and parents, siblings and carers are all welcome to participate in activities developed to encourage social interaction, explore the senses and learn new skills while having fun. Activities include fishing, craft, inflatable zorb balls, kayaking, sand engineering and scitech discovery. The camps and activities are run by parent volunteers who have children on the autism spectrum. They also have a Facebook page [Website]

Carrying autism, feeling language : experiences beyond Lucy's Story Smashwords 2013.

The author of Lucy's Story: Autism and Other Adventures takes a closer look at what language means to her and the way she views the world. A great insight for everyone. NB. This book is still under construction and sections are added or edited every couple of weeks. Please re-visit. (Website)

A chance of rain -- Perth: 2007.

A website blog by a Perth mother of a boy with autism, this site describes personal experiences bringing up a child with autism.

The Fatherhood Project : Matt and Liam Oakes SoulPancake 2014. 1 youtube video (7.28 min.)

In this episode of The Fatherhood Project, film maker Corbyn Tyson explores what it�s like to be the dad of a child with autism. Matt Oakes's son Liam was recently diagnosed with autism and verbal apraxia, which prevents him from talking. Matt talks about what it means to be a good dad and how we need to humble ourselves as dads.

Finding out about Kevin -- Alice Springs, NT: italk library;Australian Government. Positive Partnerships 2014. 1 online video (7 min. 20 sec.)

This storytelling animation was developed with people in Aboriginal communities across Australia to help guide conversations about autism, including amongst parents, family carers, local schools and service providers. [website]

Friends of autism -- [Perth]: [2008]

Website of "Friends of Autism", a charitable organisation established to assist families and carers of children with autism by giving them access to resources, including a toy library, and training that will enable them to become self sufficient within the home environment

Geneva Centre for Autism -- Toronto, Ont.: Geneva Centre for Autism [2008]

Geneva Centre for Autism is an organisation based Ontario, Canada which is involved in the development and delivery of clinical intervention services and training. The website offers links to information, services and resources related to autism, including links to recommended websites and organisations.

The Gray Center for social learning and understanding 2002-2004.

The Gray Center provides a comprehensive website of information on autism spectrum disorders. There is a range of topics including information on the Gray Center and its publications. Definitions are included on autism spectrum disorders from how it is diagnosed and its progression. There are also tips for children and teachers on educational issues. There is information on social stories and how to write and make use of them and related links to other websites on autism spectrum disorders.

A guide to understanding autism and useful autism resources for every parent [2013]

An Australian website providing information on autism, diagnosis, prevalence, therapy, and links to other sites

ICare4Autism : International Center for Autism Research and Education -- New York: [2014]

Through awareness and funding, ICare4Autism works in partnership with similar institutions worldwide to discover the causes of autism. ICare4Autism searches for the biologic and environmental causes of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and promotes various medical and educational practices to best serve people with autism and their families. [website]. The website has information about autism, causes, diagnosis, treatments, research, initiatives, news and events.

Laser beak man

Laser Beak Man is a super hero created by young Queensland artist, Tim Sharp. Tim is 18 years old and has Autism, his art has helped him to communicate and share his humour and intelligence with others. Tim was selected to attend the VSA (Very Special Arts) Festival in Washington in 2004, and has in recent years received awards for his work, which is now very much in demand. The book 'Laser Beak Man' is available for loan from Activ Library

My autism and me : Newsround special -- UK: BBC Newsround 2011. 1 film (14 min.)

This inspirational short film about living with autism has won Best Children's Programme at the 2012 Royal Television Society awards. Rosie, the film's presenter Rosie (13 years old) was born with autism. She says even though living with it is difficult, it makes her unique and who she is. As well as telling her own story, you'll find out how Ben, Tony and Lenny are affected by the condition. Rosie wants to tell the world what autism is and what it's like to live with it. She hopes it will aid understanding and help prevent bullying of people with autism. Available online at . See also for further information on the film and to learn more about autism.

The National Autistic Society (NAS) website

This is an excellent website that has a significant amount of information including information for people with an autistic spectrum disorder as well as parents and professionals. It is worthwhile checking the site index to see the wealth of information that is available. A number of full text documents are included on topics such as therapies, interventions and diagnostic options. The Frequently Asked Questions section is also valuable and covers topics such as bullying, secretin and vaccinations. Includes a good set of links to other sites.

National Autistic Society (Surrey Branch)

This website contains an significant listing of full text documents, including those on educational practices suitable for children with autism and some from the popular press about people with autism such as Donna Williams, Temple Grandin and Birger Sellin.

Neurowonderful. Ask an autistic [2014]

Youtube site with short videos discussing what it's like to be autistic. The creater, Amythest Schaber also writes a blog about autism, disability, and living life on the spectrum at my blog: ttp://

Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre. Inside the lab -- Melbourne: La Trobe University [2013] videos

OTARC has created a show called "Inside the Lab" to look at recent developments in Autism research. Using a the talk show format to address changes in Autism research they hope the more casual format will make this information more accessible. Researchers from around the world to give their inside knowledge on questions they are focusing on.

A parent's guide to Autism Spectrum Disorder 2011. 27 p.

A detailed booklet that describes Autism symptoms, causes, and treatments, with information on getting help and coping.

PlayConnect Playgroup Australia Playgroup Australia [2012]

PlayConnect Playgroups help families with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Participating in a PlayConnect playgroup offers play-based learning opportunities for children with ASD or ASD like symptoms, as well as the opportunity for their families and carers to connect and share their experiences. [Website]

Positive Partnerships Australian Government Department of Education

Positive Partnerships support school age students on the autism spectrum. They develop evidence based materials and practical resources which are published online, and also offer nationwide training and workshops for teachers and other school staff, and parents and carers.

Provincial Outreach Program for Autism and Related Disorders (POPARD) -- British Columbia: Provincial Outreach Program for Autism and Related Disorders. POPARD [2008]

The website of an educational organisation based in British Columbia, Canada, the site is designed to help teachers, parents and professionals access information about autism, the B.C. school system's resources, how the Provincial Outreach Program works, and links to other autism sites.

Puberty : a guide for teenagers with an autism spectrum disorder and their parents -- Melbourne: La Trobe University

This resource has been developed to provide parents, families, friends and caregivers information to assist teenagers with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), including Asperger s Syndrome and Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (PDDNOS) to recognize and manage the emotional, physical, and social issues that individuals diagnosed with an ASD will encounter during puberty.

Raising Children : Children with ASD & Disability app Raising Children (Australia) Network 2014.

This app has been designed for parents of children with an autism spectrum disorder or disabilities and includes a handy services map tool for your area, funding and support information, parents� videos and more. Download from iTunes for iOS and Google Play for Android.

Raising children network : children with autism Raising Children (Australia) Network 2009.

This Australian website, aimed at parents and carers of children with Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) provides information on: signs, symptoms and diagnosis of autism; therapies and interventions; services and resources available; and a parent forum to connect with other parents of children with autism.

Robyn Steward : the autistic spectrum from a person not just a textbook [2014]

Website of Robyn Steward, author, consultant, trainer, mentor, speaker, and artist who lives with a diagnosis of Asperger's syndrome. Her aim is to help educate, support and raise awareness of people living on the autism spectrum.

Snagglebox [2013]

An autism parenting support blog, written by an Australian mother of two autistic sons, providing useful resources for families. Topics covered include: understanding, parent support, sensory issues, for teachers, parenting, diagnosis, resources, awareness, travel, and home homeschooling. There are also links to her facebook page

Temple Grandin : the world needs all kinds of minds [audiovisual talk] TED : Ideas Worth Spreading [2010] Downloadable video (20 min.)

"Temple Grandin, diagnosed with autism as a child, talks about how her mind works - sharing her ability to "think in pictures," which helps her solve problems that neurotypical brains might miss. She makes the case that the world needs people on the autism spectrum: visual thinkers, pattern thinkers, verbal thinkers, and all kinds of smart geeky kids". [website blurb]. Also includes an interactive transcript of the complete talk.

Thinking and learning in autism : information sheet -- Forestville, NSW: Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) 2002.

Explains briefly the common learning style characteristics of people with autism. Defines the strengths and weaknesses of different learning styles and discusses issues such as attention problems, compartmentalised chunk learning and rule governed versus flexible abstract thought. Provides a summary of positive learning strengths.

Thomas the Tank Engine and autism spectrum disorder 2007.

A website providing information on a 2002 study by the National Autistic Society in the UK showing how Thomas the Tank Engine toy has helped many children with autism and Asperger syndrome.

Toby Playpad [2013]

TOBY Playpad is the result of ongoing research conducted at Deakin University, Geelong, and Curtin University, Perth. It is a unique, therapist-and-parent designed Early Intervention application for children with Autism. TOBY�s iPad tasks co-ordinate with off-iPad tasks to help your child learn skills in the real world. TOBY stands for Therapy Outcomes By You, because it aims to empower parents to commence early intervention to maximize your child�s development. The website includes a questionnaire designed to see if the TOBY Playpad application is suitable for your child [website]. There is also a link to their Facebook site

University students with autism and Asperger's syndrome

A great site for people with high functioning autism and Asperger syndrome who are about to attend university. Put together by a university student this site provides information on the university environment, study tips, exam tips, accommodation, advocacy and general survival tips. References to books and articles and first hand accounts from other students provide tips and ideas whilst studying at university.

Welcome to Auties.Org! : individuality, diversity, equality, achievement

A website that supports people with autistic spectrum disorders trying to find work. The site provides an opportunity for people to connect with others to share ideas, form support groups and skills workshops. There are listings for autism friendly goods, skills and services from around the world and a social link for joining or forming dinner clubs. The site lists many Australian businesses as well as international ones.

Wendy Lawson's website [2011]

Wendy Lawson shares her personal insights of life on the autism spectrum.

Western Australian Autism Research -- Bedford, WA: WA Autism Research Group [2008]

This website site describes research being conducted in WA in the field of autism. It allows parents to view the information about the range of projects and there is contact information if they choose to participate in any of the projects. The site has links to the WA Autism Register, a vital tool for WA autism research, and information about research related events, WA Autism Diagnosticians' Forum (WAADF) Inc. and National Autism Week events and other conferences. The site is supported by the WA Autism Research Group, a not-for-profit group promoting autism research.

What is Autism? : information on autism spectrum disorders Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) 2013.

Information about what to do if you suspect your child has autism, behavioural indicators, the importance of early diagnosis and services offered by Autism Spectrum Australia.

The winning connection -- Mosman Park: Winning Connection 2002.

This site was created by Sandy Winning, the parent of a child with autism; who has created unique sets of "flash cards" especially for use in early intervention and teaching children with autism. These cards have been created in conjunction with speech therapists, clinical psychologists, parents and teachers. The site has several samples of the cards, details and video footage of the progress which has been made through the use of cards, ordering information and much more

The woman who thinks like a cow -- London: Horizon 2006.

Dr Temple Grandin uses her unique abilities to understand animal behaviour. Diagnosed at an early age with autism, Dr Grandin went on to become an animal behavioural specialist. This documentary shows how her autistic abilities were put to use solving cattle welfare problems faced by the American cattle industry. Aired in Australia on SBS TV in January 2007. Full film content is available on this website, running time 43 mins.

Zac Browser -- Nevada: People CD Inc. 2008.

This is a web browser developed specifically for children with autism, autism spectrum disorders such as asperger syndrome and pervasive development disorders.It allows the child to interact directly with a lot of games, stories, music and other activities including an aquarium. It caters specifically for children who display the characteristics of autism spectrum disorders, like impairments in social interaction, impairments in communication, restricted interests and repetitive behavior. However it also provides an excellent forum for parents, caretakers, teachers, and others to share their experiences, tools and resources. It links to numerous technical, medical and other websites and features a parent forum and a newsletter.

Autism Aspergers Network Interactive -- QLD: Autism Aspgers Network Magazine [2013]

An online community to interact, blog, and read the latest news and stories on all aspects of the Autism spectrum. There are links to book reviews, ask Tony Attwood, advocacy, parenting, women and girls on the spectrum, home schooling, employment and the workplace, travel and holidays, and others. The site is also linked to a published magazine called Autism Aspergers Network Magazine.

>A parent's guide to autism spectrum disorder -- Bethesda, Md: United States. National Institute of Mental Health 2011. 1 Vol (various paging) ; 30 cm.

Discusses autism spectrum disorders and related conditions, the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, prevalence, research, and how parents can help their child. This resource is also available online at in the following formats for downloading: pdf, epub and mobi.