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Adults with Williams syndrome : guidelines for families and professionals / Udwin, Orlee; Howlin, Patricia; Davies, Mark. / WILLIAMS SYNDROME FOUNDATION. -- Stroud: The Foundation, [1996?] 35 p.

A small but informative booklet that describes the abilities and characteristics of adults with Williams Syndrome. It provides advice about social relationships, leaving school and self care skills. Tips are given on dealing with particular situations and behaviours including anxiety, moodiness and aggression and preoccupations. A copy of this booklet is also available on the Williams Syndrome Foundation website at .

SC/WIL WIL [P06078]

Embraceable 501 Cimema, 2011. 1 DVD (50 min.) + Pamphlet

This film is about Williams Syndrome and what happens when a tiny piece of life's blueprint is missing. Despite medical hardships and intellectual challenges, people with Williams embrace life, and everyone around them, with unconditional love and acceptance. This documentary, which was an official selection at the Thessalonika Documentary Festival, "celebrates this beautiful variation of life through candid interviews, unforgettable social encounters, amazing musical performances, and dramatic portrait photography. Running commentaries by top scientific experts bring to life how this rare genetic abnormality can teach us a great deal about ourselves". (Cover)

SC/V WIL EMB [P14791]

Understanding Williams syndrome : behavioral patterns and interventions / Semel, Eleanor; Rosner, Sue. -- Mahwah, New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates Inc. 2003. xxi, 456 p.

This comprehensive and readable guide provides information on the behavioural patterns of individuals with Williams syndrome (WS). It discusses the features of language, perceptual and motor skills of children and adults with the syndrome. It describes typical aptitudes and behaviour problems and the types of intervention approaches that have been successful, and it examines how WS is related to other developmental disorders.

SC/WIL SEM [P09519]

Williams Syndrome incorporating Infantile Hypercalcaemia / The INFANTILE HYPERCALCAEMIA FOUNDATION LTD. -- Old Harlow: Howard Everitt Prodns. 1 DVD (15 min.)

Parents of children with Williams Syndrome talk about their feelings associated with having a child with this condition. A medical expert talks about some of the features of the syndrome.

SC/V WIL WIL [P07603]

Williams syndrome: Williams people / WILLIAMS SYNDROME FOUNDATION. -- Tonbridge, Kent: Williams Syndrome Foundation, 1998. 1 DVD, videocassette (45 min.)

The dvd is divided into eight sections with the first few sections dealing with diagnosis and frequent physical disorders in infancy. The middle section is primarily for teachers and careworkers and deals with the psychological and behavioural profile of people with Williams syndrome as well as their educational needs. The last section looks at independendent living in adulthood. It is now also available on the internet at

SC/V WIL WIL [P09712;P10184]