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My child has Tuberous Sclerosis : a brochure for parents / TUBEROUS SCLEROSIS ALLIANCE. -- Silver Springs, Md: Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance, [2001] 24 p.

Written for parents the brochure provides an overview of tuberous sclerosis outlining what it is, symptoms, some of the commonly needed medical tests, genetic counselling and education.

SC/TUB TUB [P09980]

The official patient's sourcebook on Tuberous sclerosis : a revised and updated directory for the internet age / Parker, James N. Ed.; Parker, Philip M. Ed. -- San Diego, Ca: ICON Health Publications, 2002. 194 p.

This sourcebook provides information on Tuberous Sclerosis from sources that include academic, government and peer reviewed research. Part one provides an overview of this condition discussing diagnosis and prognosis, where to find help and how to select the most appropriate professional services and reviews current clinical trials including their risks and benefits. Part two examines the resources available on Tuberous Sclerosis including studies, patents, books, multimedia, periodicals, guidelines and dissertations. Part three is a collection of appendices on general medical topics and related conditions.

SC/TUB PAR [P10879]

Riding the TSC Wave : the ATSS Family Conference, 8th & 9th October, 2011 -- Blacktown: Australasian Tuberous Sclerosis Society, 2011. 1 DVD + booklet (50 p. ; 30 cm.)

This Conference brought together families affected by Tuberous Scherosis from all over Australia and New Zealand, three international speakers and leading Australian TCS clinicians. The DVD and book set includes recordings and notes from three sessions.

SC/TUB RID [P14424]

Tuberous sclerosis complex : you are not alone / AUSTRALASIAN TUBEROUS SCLEROSIS SOCIETY. -- Springwood, NSW: Australasian Tuberous Sclerosis Society, 2007. 1 DVD (23 min.)

An introductory DVD on Tuberous Sclerosis featuring interviews with parents of children affected by the disorder, as well as information from experts in the field. Topics touched on include symptoms, diagnosis, genetics, treatments, effects on family life, hope for the future, and places to go to get further help.

SC/V TUB TUB [P12488]