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Adam and the magic marble / Buehrens, Adam; Buehrens, Carol. -- Duarte, Ca: Hope Press, 1991. 108 p.

Adam and his friend Chris both have Tourette syndrome. When they find a magic marble they have to decide whether to cure their own tics or help their friend Matt who has Cerebral Palsy and the bullies had better watch out too because this marble has powerful magic. This humorous adventure story is for children 7 to 12 years old.

SC/TOU BUE [P10912]

An anthropologist on Mars / Sacks, Oliver. -- Sydney: Pan Macmillan Australia, 1995. 319p., col. ill.

The author, a physician, profiles seven cases of neurological conditions as diverse as a surgeon with Tourette syndrome, an artist who becomes totally colour blind as a result of a car accident and an autistic professor who has built a career out of her intuitive understanding of animal behaviour. He explores the personal responses to these conditions and the adaptations people have made in their lives.

SC/AUT SAC [P10739]

Children with Tourette syndrome: a parents' guide / Haerle, Tracy Ed. -- Rockville, Md: Woodbine House, 1992. 340p., ill.

This handbook for parents of children and teenagers with Tourette syndrome offers information and advice on medical, educational and legal issues, family life and daily care.

SC/TOU CHI [P06209]

A consumer's guide to Tourette Syndrome medications / Erenberg, Gerald. / TOURETTE SYNDROME ASSOCIATION. -- Bayside, NY: Tourette Syndrome Association, 1997. 14p.

A guide to the medications available for Tourette syndrome. The booklet answers questions about whether all people with Tourette syndrome require medication and which medication is appropriate? The tables provide a guide to medications for treatment of tics, treatment of Tourette syndrome with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and treatment of Tourette syndrome and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

SC/TOU ERE [P09650]

Coping with Tourette Syndrome: A parents viewpoint / Shimberg, Elaine Fantle. -- Bayside, NY: Tourette Syndrome Association, 2000. 22p

Written by a mother who has three children with TS this booklet is for the parents of children who have TS to help them cope with the stresses of the syndrome and its effect on the family.

SC/TOU SHI [P09651]

Coping with Tourette Syndrome in the classroom / Wertheim, Judy. -- Bayside, NY: Tourette Syndrome Association, [2000] 15 p.

This brochure, aimed at teachers, provides information on Tourette Syndrome (TS) and associated behavioural problems, medication and its side effects, and guidelines for the education of children with TS.

VERTICAL FILE Tourette Syndrome [P12177]

Dear diary, my sibling has Tourette Syndrome / Shimberg, Elaine Fantle. -- Bayside, NY: Tourette Syndrome Association, 1997. 14 p.

This fictional diary provides an insight into the thoughts, feelings and experiences of a teenager with a sibling with Tourette Syndrome.

VERTICAL FILE Tourette Syndrome [P12181]

Discipline and the child with TS: a guide for parents and teachers of children with Tourette syndrome / Collins, Ramona. / TOURETTE SYNDROME ASSOCIATION. -- Bayside, NY: Tourette Syndrome Association, 1999. 16p.

A guide to discipline and managing children with Tourette Syndrome and the related disorders of ADHD and OCD. This booklet includes information on discipline and self-esteem, how to handle tics, teaching impulse control, misconceptions about discipline and teaching responsibility for actions.

SC/TOU COL [P09652]

An educator's guide to Tourette syndrome / Bronheim, Suzanne. / TOURETTE SYNDROME ASSOCIATION. -- Bayside, NY: Tourette Syndrome Association, 2000. 16p.

This guide for teachers of students with Tourette syndrome has a general explanation of the syndrome and its causes, treatment, associated disorders, classroom management and tips and dealing with writing, language and attention problems.

SC/TOU BRO [P09653]

The genetics of Tourette Syndrome -- Blackburn, Vic.: Tourette Syndrome Association of Victoria, [2007] 1 leaflet (p.1-2)

This leaflet provides a brief description of Tourette Syndrome (TS), along with genetic information that can assist those with people with TS and their families to reach informed choices about family planning.

VERTICAL FILE Tourette Syndrome [P12183]

The genetics of Tourette Syndrome : who it affects and how it occurs in families / TOURETTE SYNDROME ASSOCIATION. -- Bayside, NY: Tourette Syndrome Association, [2000] 10 p.

This brochure provides information on Tourette Syndrome (TS) and how it may be inherited, as well as other conditions that may be associated with TS.

VERTICAL FILE Tourette Syndrome [P12178]

Guide to the diagnosis and treatment of Tourette Syndrome / TOURETTE SYNDROME FOUNDATION OF CANADA. -- Toronto, Ont.: Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada, 1998. 37p

A guide to the diagnosis and treatment of Tourette syndrome which includes an extensive bibliography.

SC/TOU TOU [P09705]

Hi, I'm Adam : a child's book about Tourette syndrome / Buehrens, Adam. -- Duarte, Ca: Hope Press, 1991. 35 p.

Ten year old Adam has finally been diagnosed with Tourette syndrome. He shares the story of his life to help other children with Tourette syndrome better understand themselves. Adam has written about the successes,frustrations, fears and embarrassments through his young life with Tourettes.

SC/TOU BUE [P11590]

I can't stop : a story about Tourette syndrome / Niner, Holly L. -- Morton Grove, Ill.: Albert Whitman & Co, 2005. 1 vol. (unpaged) ; 27 cm.

This is about a boy who is diagnosed with Tourette syndrome and learns to understand it and find constructive ways he can manage his condition. It is helpful for other children to understand the condition as well. It includes nonfiction information from a physician.

SC/TOU NIN [P12883]

I have Tourette's but Tourette's doesn't have me / TOURETTE SYNDROME ASSOCIATION. -- Bayside, NY: HBO Family;Tourette Syndrome Association, 2005. 1 DVD (26 min. + extra) + leaflet (8 p.)

In this documentary, several children with Tourette Syndrome (TS) talk openly about the conflicts they face each day as they struggle to fit in. It includes additional information from experts, FAQs about TS, co-occurring conditions, involuntary language, as well as separate sections aimed at parents, teachers and children. An accompanying leaflet contains lesson plans and activities for teachers to use to education children about differences in people and TS.

SC/V TOU IHA [P13699]

Kids in the syndrome mix of ADHD, LD, autism spectrum, Tourette's, anxiety and more! : the one stop guide for parents, teachers and professionals / Kutscher, Martin L.; Attwood, Tony; Wolff, Robert R. -- London;Philadelphia: Jessica Kingsley, 2014. 318 p. ; 23 cm.

This guide covers the whole range of often co-existing neurobehavioral disorders in children - from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), obsessive-compulsive disorder, and anxiety to autism spectrum disorders, non-verbal learning disabilities,Tourette's, sensory integration problems, obsessive-compulsive disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), and central auditory processing disorders (CAPDs). The author provides accessible, up to date information on causes, symptoms, treatments, medication, and interactions with other conditions. He gives skillful and sympathetic explanations of the inner world of children in the syndrome mix, along with effective behavioural strategies, case vignettes, and practical tips. This new edition incorporates DSM-5 changes and includes a revised chapter by Tony Attwood explaining the new criteria and the anticipated usage of the term "Asperger's syndrome". .

SC/KUT [P15284]

Living with Tourette syndrome / Shimberg, Elaine Fantle. -- New York: Fireside, 1995. 256p

This book was written by a parent, and contains information on diagnosis, symptoms, treatment and dealing with issues at school or work. A practical resource for people with Tourette syndrome as well as their families, friends, teachers, carers and fellow workers.

SC/TOU SHI [P09775]

No way, which way? Learning with Tourette syndrome / Wilson, Jeni; Shrimpton, Bradley. -- Parkville, Vic.: University of Melbourne, 2003. 1 CD-ROM

This CD-ROM provides information on Tourette syndrome (TS), living with the condition, managing TS, and the impact TS can have on learning. It provides classroom and teaching strategies, and ways improve communication with those affected by TS. It features video footage and real stories from families affected, providing a better understanding of the feelings and experiences of young people living and learning with TS. There are also links to web documents, and information on other TS resources and relevant associations.

SC/TOU WIL [P12173]

Not just ticked off : stories and strategies for managing Tourette Syndrome / Wilson, Jeni ed. -- Blackburn, Vic.: Tourette Syndrome Association of Victoria, [2007] 32 p.

This book, aimed at parents and teachers, provides information about Tourette Syndrome (TS) as well as checklists and strategies to assist in its management at home and school. It includes personal anecdotes and advice from people with TS, family members, carers, teachers, as well as doctors and psychologists.

SC/TOU NOT [P12174]

A physician's guide to the diagnosis and treatment of Tourette syndrome / Bruun, Ruth Dowling; Cohen, Donald, J.; Leckman, James, F. / TOURETTE SYNDROME ASSOCIATION, INC. -- Bayside, NY: Tourette Syndrome Association, 1995. 31p.

A detailed guide to Tourette syndrome and other tic disorders, including clinical assessment and treatment. Provides information on issues such as diagnosis, treatment, education, academic and occupational interventions, medication, family therapy and genetic counseling. Includes a list of additional resources.

SC/TOU BRU [P09654]

Problem behaviours and Tourette syndrome / Bruun, Ruth Dowling; Rickler, Kenneth; Kelman-Bravo, Emily. / TOURETTE SYNDROME ASSOCIATION. -- Bayside, NY: 1999. 21p

The booklet outlines the various behavioural problems which are sometimes associated with Tourette syndrome such as OCD-Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, ADHD, aggressive and explosive behaviours, self injurious behaviours, inappropriate sexual behaviours, sleep disorders, mood disorders, phobias and other anxieties. It also provides tips and techniques for managing these problem behaviours.

SC/TOU BRU [P09655]

Teens and Tourette Syndrome / Korman, Candida B. -- Bayside, NY: Tourette Syndrome Association, [2000] 16 p.

Written for teenagers with Tourette Syndrome (TS), this booklet provides information on the following topics: self esteem; friends and dating; who to tell you have TS; alcohol and drugs; stress, anxiety and depression; education and employment; siblings; and medications.

VERTICAL FILE Tourette Syndrome [P12180]

Tic attack : Tourette Syndrome kids telling it like it is / Tourette Syndrome Association of Victoria. -- Blackburn, Vic.: Tourette Syndrome Association of Victoria, 1999. 28 p.

This booklet is a compilation of poems, short stories, comments and drawings by children and adolescents with Tourette Syndrome (TS), giving a valuable insight into the experiences, thoughts, feelings and emotions of those affected by TS. Alongside these anecdotes is useful information on the nature and treatment of TS, providing help and encouragement to these young people and their parents.

SC/TOU TIC [P12175]

Tics and tourette's : breakthrough discoveries in natural treatments : a patient and family guide / Rogers, Sheila J. -- Royal Palm Beach, Fl.: Association for Comprehensive NeuroTherapy, 2005. xxii, 304 p.

This book begins by presenting an overview of tic disorders including Tourette syndrome with a discussion on possible causes and current drug treatments. There is a section on identifying triggers for tics followed by a more indepth look at commonly identified triggers including sensory hypersensitivities, the environment and immune system connection, and diet and nutrition. Included thoughout are case studies and information on ways to minimize tics through natural treatments as an alternative to drugs. Will also be of relevance to those with an interest in ADHD, obsessive-compulsive disorder, autism and mood disorders.

SC / TOU ROG [P12046]

Tics and Tourette Syndrome : a handbook for parents and professionals / Chowdhury, Uttom. -- London: Jessica Kingsley, 2004. 160 p.

A handbook for parents providing practical advice on managing challenging behaviour in children with Tourette syndrome. The book describes Tourette syndrome and how it is diagnosed then looks at current therapies and medication to reduce tic frequency and intensity. Associated conditions are also explained, such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and a range of emotional problems. Advice is given on anger management and bullying issues. Educational problems and interventions are discussed with practical tips on homework, social skills and motivation. A section on self esteem provides tips on encouragement and support.

SC / TOU CHO [P10625]

Tourette syndrome / Nash, Harry. -- Toorak, Vic.: TSA of Victoria, 1993. 37p

This booklet has been designed for those who have Tourette syndrome (TS) and their family, friends and colleagues. The information is provided to help people with TS to understand the condition so that they will be able to control and manage it and improve the quality of their lives.

SC/TOU NAS [P09692;P12156]

Tourette Syndrome and repeated anger generated episodes / Budman, Cathy; Bruun, Ruth D. -- Bayside, NY: Tourette Syndrome Association, [1999] 15 p.

This brochure reviews information about explosive anger or rage attacks experienced by some people with Tourette Syndrome (TS). It attempts to define rage attacks and distinguish them from temper tantrums, discusses frequency and duration of attacks, who is most likely to experience attacks, causes, effects on the person with TS and their families, and treatment and management.

VERTICAL FILE Tourette Syndrome [P12179]

Tourette syndrome : the facts / Robertson, Mary M; Baron-Cohen, Simon. -- Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1998. 110p

Explains the causes of Tourette syndrome, how it is diagnosed and the ways in which it can be treated. Includes a section on coping strategies for close relatives of people diagnosed as having the syndrome.

SC/TOU ROB [P08047]

What is ...Tourette syndrome / TOURETTE SYNDROME ASSOCIATION OF AUSTRALIA. Tourette Syndrome Association of Australia, 2003. 1 DVD (22 min.)

Describes the everyday lives of people with Tourette syndrome and their families. Explains the spectrum of Tourette syndrome, how it is diagnosed and how to manage the disorder. Children and adults with Tourette syndrome talk about how the disorder has affected their lives.

SC/V TOU WHA [P11528;P14732]

What is Tourette Syndrome? / TOURETTE SYNDROME ASSOCIATION OF AUSTRALIA. -- Maroubra, NSW: Tourette Syndrome Association of Australia, 2006. 1 brochure

This brochure describes Tourette Syndrome, the symptoms, tics, associated behavioural disorders, inheritance, diagnosis, and treatment. It also includes information on the Tourette Syndrome Association of Australia and what it does.

VERTICAL FILE Tourette Syndrome

What is Tourette Syndrome? / TOURETTE SPECTRUM DISORDER ASSOCIATION, INC. -- Maroubra, NSW: Tourette Syndrome Association of Australia, 2006. 1 Leaflet

This gives an overview of Tourette Syndrome in a question and answer format and includes a look at symptoms, behavioural problems, causes, diagnosis, treatment and needs.

VERTICAL FILE - Tourette Syndrome [P12502]

Why do you do that? : a book about Tourette syndrome for children and young people / Chowdhury, Uttom; Robertson, Mary. -- London: Jessica Kingsley, 2006. 96 p.

Written for children and young people with Tourette syndrome, this book provides easy to understand information explaining what the condition is, how it is diagnosed, the problems associated with Tourette syndrome and how it is treated. Discusses coping strategies for school and offers siblings advice on helping their brother or sister with Tourette syndrome. Provides life stories from individuals and families, from around the world, living with Tourette syndrome.

SC/TOU CHO [P11663]