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Special Topics - Toilet Training


Better Health Channel [2012]

Fact sheets and information on toilet training and medical information for consumers, quality assured by the Victorian government (Australia).

Continence & toilet training Therapy Focus [2016]

PEBBLES stands for Providing Education on Bladder and Bowel Health, Liaison, Expert Advice and Support. The PEBBLES team provide specialist advice and support to children aged 0-16 years with a disability who experience bladder and bowel health issues, continence issues and those who require support with toilet training.

Parenting Easy Guide - Toilet Training

Parent Easy Guides bring simple, easy-to-read information on many of the issues faced by parents from birth through adolescence. They have been developed from research in conjunction with appropriate experts and are widely used throughout Australia. The toilet training guide offers comprehensive information on this topic

Promocon : promoting continence and product awareness : an integral service of disabled living -- Manchester: PromoCon

This is the publications list of PromoCon Disabled Living UK and includes a number of downloadable leaflets and booklets (in PDF) on toileting, bed-wetting, potty training and related issues. They include "Talk about going to the toilet", "Talk about constipation", "Talk about bedwetting" and their latest "Mr Poo's great escape". This little story booklet has been developed by a parent to help make his chihld's transition from using nappies to the toilet. It also has product guides.

Resources for special needs : a resource guide and ideas for therapists, teachers, parents and carers working with people with special needs. Autism World Magazine 2015.

This handbook is full of hundreds of live links to products, information and websites. Contents include: include sensory and therapy products; vehicle and car seat safety; social stories (apps, books & software); Toileting; useful websites; assistance dogs; sexuality, continence and sleep; autism training, workshops & seminars; behaviour; visual communication aids & resources; safety, tracking devices, toy & resources libraries; resource facebook groups and more. It is available in the following formats: For PDF version download at dropbox - and save to your device. To view online - Free download on the iTunes store Free download also on Androids:

Toilet training

Comprehensive information on toilet training, including when to start, basic steps for toilet training, using training pants and set backs and accidents

Toilet training

Support and advice about when and how to begin toilet training as well as information on related issues such as bed-wetting

Visual Aids for Learning : toilet training -- [NSW]: Visual Aids for Learning [2016]

Visual Aids for Learning has created downloadable visuals to help people learn everyday activities. The images are ideal for children, particularly those with learning difficulties. Where appropriate, the images are gender specific. This free, downloadable pack aims to help people learn each step involved in going to the toilet, including washing hands. Each pack is in Printable Document Format (PDF) and must be read by Adobe PDF Reader (Version 6.0 or later). See for additional sequences and packs.

Welcome to ERIC online : education and resources for improving childhood continence

ERIC online provides information on wetting and soiling in early childhood through to young adults. The site is divided into four sections dedicated to parents, professionals, kids & teens and general information. The kids & teens section welcomes all children who are incontinent during the day or night, offering the Playpit for under fives; the Treehouse for five to eight year olds; the Clubhouse for nine to twelve year olds; and the Zone for teenagers. The parents site contains information about wetting, a parent forum to share stories and an ask the expert section to discuss problems. The professional section provides abstracts, reports and up to date research. The information section provides links to related websites.

Easy english guide to toilet training for girls -- Kew, Vic.: Continence Foundation of Australia, Victoria 2011. 19 p. ; 30 cm.

This booklet is about how to teach your child use the toilet. A good way to teach toilet training is to break down the steps. This booklet gives four steps to follow. It is written in easy english and includes visuals or pictures to help remind the child of what to do. This is also available online at