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Special Topics - Social Stories


Aspergers social stories : helping Aspergers and autistic children with social skills, daily living skills, and behavior management [2014]

Contains links to youtube videos on a range of social stories, as well as information on how to write social stories.

Complete guide to social stories -- Naperville, IL: Place for Special Needs [2014]

This site provides links to free social stories covering a broad range of topics from behaviour to toilet training. Some are text only and others include pictures

Comprehensive list of social stories and visual scripts for daily living and social skills Autism Services Directory [2014]

This website provides links to social stories and visual scripts that describe with words and pictures different activities or events that happen in life in a step by step detailed way. The broad subject areas covered include and safety: daily events, bed time, personal care, around the house, school, social activities, emotions and feelings, inappropriate behaviour, manners, transportation, medical, dental, holidays, and safety. There is also a link to instructions on how to write a social story.

Social narratives -- Kansas: TASN Autism and Tertiary Behavior Supports [2013]

Social narratives are stories developed to provide learners with insight into social situations. The story provides the learner with examples of appropriate social responses. This website provides users with a number of social stories to choose from including airplane travel, school situations, bike riding, greeting people, following rules and more. The narratives are in a variety of formats including Microsoft Powerpoint, Boardmaker, Microsoft Word and PDF. They can be used as they are or individualized according to need. To download further information on Social Narratives go to: