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Special Topics - Protective Behaviours


60 second security : stranger danger -- Manchester: Greater Manchester Police 2015. 1 youtube video (1 min. 26 sec.)

Short animated video that explains stranger danger and what to do if a child is approached by a stranger and feels frightened.

Autism discussion page [Facebook page] [2014]

This page was developed to discuss tools that help children on the spectrum feel safe, accepted and competent. It includes presentations in a series of power points represented in photo albums within the Facebook page.

Body cues for kids : how to stay safe [2012] 1 youtube video (25 min. 24 sec.)

Animated video that discusses staying safe in different situations

Buz build up zone -- Busselton: [2016]

This site will help children who are experiencing bullying or just finding it hard to make friends. Describes useful strategies and advice to help children overcome these problems and provides a forum for children to discuss issues of concern. There are links to safe children's Internet sites, workshop information and current events.

Children's Safety Australia -- Corinda, QLD: Children's Safety Australia [2013]

A website providing access to information and advice on a large range of situations including personal safety, protective behaviours, bullying, abuse, household and road safety.

Cybersmart guide for families -- Canberra: Australian Communications and Media Authority 2009. 20 p.

This guide aims to provide practical advice and information on safe internet use in the home and in public spaces, such as at the library or internet cafes. In learning and applying safe internet skills, and sharing these with their children, parents can help to keep them safe, and ensure that the whole family enjoys positive internet experiences.

Distractions : NSW road safety video -- Sydney: Transport for NSW 2014. 1 youtube video (2 min. 45 sec.)

Short video on road safety awareness when playing football in the park, walking with headphones or mobile phones.

Protective Behaviours Australia -- Australia: Protective Behaviours Australia Inc [2015]

A website for the national organisation Protective Behaviours Australia Inc with the purpose to promote their Protective Behaviours program across Australia. Provides information on the program, resources, conferences, state and national contacts.

Protective Behaviours WA (Inc) -- Kensington, WA: Protective Behaviours WA Inc [2015]

A website for the organisation, Protective Behaviours WA (Inc), providing information on protective behaviours workshops, resources and current projects.

Rights for all -- Redfern, NSW: Intellectual Disability Rights Service [2014] 1 online video (17 min. 20 sec.)

This video is about rights at home, rights at work, rights over a person's body.

Safe web surfing : Top tips for kids and teens online WellCast 2014. 1 youtube video (5 min.)

This animated video discusses ways to stay safe while online.

Safety Town : road safety education for primary schools -- Sydney: Transport for NSW 2015.

Interactive learning activities for kids from kindergarten to Year 6

SDERA : School Drug Education and Road Aware -- East Perth: Western Australia. Department of Education [2015]

Educational website for all ages providing access to resilience, drug and road safety information, resources, interactive games and activities, and other reliable and relevant websites.

STAR SEN Toolkit -- London: Childnet International 2014.

The free online resource offeres practical advise and teaching activities to help secondary schools explore internet safety with young people with autism spectrum disorders. The toolkit is free to download and the teaching activity ideas are provided in Word so they can be edited and adapted to suit learners.

Stranger awareness for kids : Billy to the bus -- El Dorado Hills, Ca: Video Communications 2011. 1 youtube video (5 min. 36 sec.)

A video about stranger danger that leads kids through a scenario of walking to catch the bus, what to do when approached by a stranger who appears to know them and how to let a safe adult know that the child has been approached by a stranger.

The underwear rule -- London: NSPCC. National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children [2015]

The Underwear Rule and PANTS campaign is a simple way that parents can help keep children safe from abuse - without using scary words or mentioning sex. The site includes a simple guide for parents, and a child-friendly version, to help you talk PANTS with your child.

WellCast youtube WellCast 2014.

Youtube channel of WellCast, showcasing short, fun, animated videos aimed at promoting general wellness amongst adolescents and young people. A broad range of topics are covered including friendships, dating, personality types, puberty, sexuality, health, exercise, coping skills, mental health, bullying, suicide, cyber safety, motivation, studying and more.