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Special Topics - Independent Living Skills


Our lives, our communities: Promoting independence and inclusion for people with learning difficulties -- York, Yorkshire: Joseph Rowntree Foundation. 2007.

This is the summary of a study which examines the issue of independence and inclusion for people with learning difficulties. In the report people with learning difficulties research the lives of other people with learning difficulties. It links to a number of documents related to the key points and also allows for the download of the full report, 'Our lives, our communities: promoting independence and inclusion for people with learning difficulties' by Craig Hart, Chris Shane, Karen Spencer and Angela Still.

The autism house : visual supports for the home Indiana Resource Center for Autism [2016]

The Autism House: Visual Supports for the Home is a two part resource for families or anyone who lives with someone on the autism spectrum. This simulated house features a living room, bedroom, dining room/homework area, kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor area set up with visual supports to aid individuals on the autism spectrum as they go about their daily routines at home. [website]

Autism Understanding. Social skills and social skills video -- Maitland: Autism Understanding [2016]

This website of a private practice provides links to a range of online social stories and videos suitable for children and young adults with autism spectrum disorders.

The Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities [2016]

Includes links to reports, websites and excellent information on what intellectual disabilities are, the rights and values of people, supporting independence, education and employment, and causes and syndromes.

Healthy surfer -- Rotherham: Speakup Self Advocacy [2016] 1 internet video (8 min. 51 sec.) + training notes

Healthy Surfers is a UK project to help people with intellectual disabilities find health information on the internet safely and securely. The website includes a short video along with training resources which talk about about viruses, pop-ups and what to think about to make sure you use the internet safely when looking up things or sending emails.

ILCWA YouTube channel -- Nedlands, WA: Independent Living Centre of Western Australia [2014]

The Independent Living Centre has set up its own ILCWA YouTube channel with useful webinars and instructional videos to keep people informed and to provide another alternate learning option.

It's my choice -- St Paul, Minn.: Minnesota Governor's Council on Developmental Disabilities [2008] 90 p.

This online guide is designed to help people with an intellectual disability clarify the important things in their life and assist them in planning their future. It includes activities and checklists which can be copied and used in a variety of ways. Some of the topics covered include individual plans and planning, transition planning, employment planning, housing and workplace checklists, life quality and self advocacy.

Kohl's autism awareness : the community hub -- Mountainside, New Jersey: Children's Specialized Hospital 2014.

The Kohl�s Autism Awareness community hub, is a virtual community containing resources for children with autism spectrum disorder, family members, and other community members. Simply click on the virtual map to find all types of useful information. The directory includes : Shopping Complex, Restaurant Row, Medical Center, School and Childcare, Neighbourhood, Place of Worship and many more.

Launchpad : leaving school and leading your own life -- NSW: Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) [2015]

This website has been created as a resource to help young people with autism spectrum disorder, and their families, as they transition from school into adult life. It includes sections on study, work, social life, becoming independent, health, advocacy, funding and legal matters.

Making money easier -- Wimbledon: United Response [2016]

This set of online guides provides basic explanations for all things finance and money related. Topics include: choosing & opening a bank account; using a bank account; your money, your home; your money, your insurance; explaining some of the words used in banking; moving on and planning ahead

Managing money -- London: National Autistic Society [2016]

This interactive website is designed to teach money handling and management skills and includes a virtual cash machine, video clips, interactive drag and drop quizzes, scoring quizzes and downloads to help you to manage your money.

Moving on, planning ahead : the easy picture guide to living independently -- Chesterfield, Derbyshire: Arc House 2010.

An easy to use online guide to assist people with intellectual disabilities plan for their future and live independently. Topics include: independent living; paying for support; paying for support; and who can support you. Also available in printable pdf format booklets.

>My life, your life, our life : a guide for flat-mates, homesharers & co-residents -- West Perth: WA's Individualised Services 2014. 57 p. ; 30 cm.

The Shared Living Resource Guide, is full of findings and recommendations resulting from an intensive two year project in partnership with people wanting to develop and progress Shared Living support arrangements in a more coherent and consistent basis [website]. Also available to download from

Preparing to plan resource guide and card set -- West Perth: WA's Individualised Services [2016]

These online resources have been designed and developed to support people and families to think about some things that may be helpful when planning. They are a set of printable cards, with an accompanying booklet. The booklet has some information about using the cards, and also can be used to write notes down for each card set section. [website]

A real home a real life -- Birmingham, UK: 2014. 1 Film (33 min.)

Inclusive Films provide custom-made films to help build better lives for people with disabilities. This film tells the stories of eight people with intellectual disabilities or autism, the kinds of support they receive and the varied ways they have gained a real home of their own and are living their own lives.

SymbolWorld -- Cambridge: Widget Software Ltd. [2008]

This website is dedicated to people who use symbols. It has material for all ages and includes personal contributions, stories (including nursery rhymes and film reviews), learning materials (incorporating sections on literacy, cooking and different languages among others). It features eLive which is an online a magazine within SymbolWorld especially for older readers. This covers news, films, games, recipes and past issues.It is speech enabled with "Browsealoud" which can be downloaded and makes it useful for people who find it difficult to read. The website is also designed to have clear, easy navigation.

Visual Aids for Learning : the complete home pack -- [NSW]: Visual Aids for Learning [2013]

Visual Aids for Learning has created downloadable visuals to help people learn everyday activities. The images are ideal for children and young adults, particularly those with learning difficulties. Where appropriate, the images are gender specific. This free, downloadable pack features common routines for home including: morning routine, night routine, teeth brushing, toilet training, mealtime, bath routine, and hand washing. Each pack is in Printable Document Format (PDF) and must be read by Adobe PDF Reader (Version 6.0 or later). See for additional sequences and packs.

WA's Individualised Services -- West Perth: [2015]

The WAiS website provides links to an online library in the field of individualised services and self-direction.