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Special Topics - Literacy


Children and literacy [2015]

This site provides parents and carers with helpful tips on reinforcing literacy and covers topics including speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Handwriting for kids [2015]

Children are shown in simple steps how to write the numbers, letters, and sentences. Practice sheets are provided so they can trace uppercase and lowercase letters, and blank sheets are also provided.

italk -- Alice Springs, NT: italk library [2014]

Based in the Northern Territory, italk library is a growing collection of stories that overcome literacy barriers, making information accessible to all. The software enables clients to communicate information to diverse communities by producing visual and spoken stories tailored to specific audiences. The stories in the italk library can be viewed as a video, and/or as an italk� story. italk� is a free multi-lingual communication software that overcomes literacy barriers by enabling you to listen to stories in your first language, and in English. italk� can be used as a literacy tool for culturally and linguistically diverse communities. [website]

Latch-On (Literacy and Technology Hands-On) -- Brisbane: UniQuest;University of Queensland [2016]

Latch-On� (Literacy and Technology Hands-On) is an innovative literacy program for young adults with intellectual disabilities. The program provides opportunities for young adults to continue their literacy development in a post-secondary school environment, using computer technology to enhance literacy, self-confidence, independence and work placement opportunities.

Literacy online

Designed to assist students with disabilities in reading, understanding and finding information on the Internet. The site is divided into two key areas of word games and word cues. Word games is further subdivided into "work education" to help students entering the workforce, "general education" to help students with hearing impairments and "arts education" to help students studying art. The word games section uses repetition of sight vocabulary to enhance literacy skills of people with hearing impairments, intellectual and learning disabilities. The word cue section uses vocabulary lists to provide assistance in reading words, links and phrases on the web.

National literacy and numeracy week

Parents can play a key role in helping their child develop literacy and numeracy skills. This site provides parents with a starting point on ways to help their child with literacy and numeracy development. Brochures discussing strategies that can be used at home can be downloaded and are available in many community languages. There is also access to useful web sites and fun activities that can be shared between parent and child.

Priory Woods School : talking story books -- Middlesbrough: Priory Woods School 2009.

This website provides access to a MS Powerpoint big book template to help you make your own talking books. It also provides access to a number of stories created by children from the Priory Woods School.

Reading writing hotline (Australia) Commonwealth Department of Industry, Innovation, Climate Change, Science, Research and Tertiary Education (DIICCSRTE);TAFE NSW Social Inclusion and Vocational Access Skills Unit ( SIVA) [2013]

This Australian website provides access to: organisations to help you improve your reading and writing; resources to help you improve your spelling, reading and other language skills; a hotline where you can speak to someone about reading and writing. There are also links to other websites to help with spelling, reading, writing, numbers and handwriting.

Resources for iPads in special education Spectronics [2016]

Spectronics have provided webinars describing their "Top 10" list of iPad apps in various categories that may help in providing support for students. Categories include : literacy support, book creation, cause and effect, and speech development. There is also additional information regarding the use of iPads in special education. Some of the webinars require a subscription to view.

Route 66 Literacy Route 66 2011.

An online, instructional literacy program for adolescent and adult beginning readers. Based on research-proven teaching methods, Route 66 pairs beginning readers side-by-side with more literate teacher-tutors who guide the interaction with the computer [Website]. A free trial period is available before subscription fees apply. See also for more about this program.

Tar Heel Reader : books for beginning readers of all ages [2008]

This website houses a collection of free, easy-to-read, and accessible books on a wide range of topics, both fiction and non fiction. Each book can be speech enabled and accessed using multiple interfaces (i.e. switches, alternative keyboards, touch screens, and dedicated AAC devices). The books may be downloaded as slide shows in PowerPoint, Impress, or Flash format. You may write your own books using downloadable pictures or upload from your own collection.

Twinkl : SEN -- Sheffield, UK: 2015.

This is part of a website which provides free downloadable learning resources for children with special educational needs. The resources available include communication resources, visual timetable and routine resources, behaviour management resources, speech and langauge therapy resources, and resources for autism disorder.