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Special Topics - Grief and Death


Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement -- Mulgrave, Vic: [2016]

The Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement is an independent, not for profit organisation which opened in January 1996 and is the largest provider of grief and bereavement education in Australia. The website includes links to information on grief support, education and training, conferences, and resources.

Child and Adolescent Health Service Library : Kids and teen health : Grief Department of Health, Western Australia [2016]

Provides links to books, factsheets, websites and support groups.

GriefLink [2015]

GriefLink is an information resource for the bereaved and grieving, their carers, friends and colleagues, and for health and welfare workers.

Parenting and Child Health : Grief and loss [2015]

Links to information on grief and loss.

Raising Children Network : Death [2015]

Search results for "death".

Raising Children Network : Grief [2015]

Search results for "grief".

Trauma and Grief Network [2015]

The Trauma and Grief Network (TGN) connects families, carers and members of the community to resources focused on the care of children and adolescents affected by the impact of trauma, loss and grief.

We are living well but dying matters -- UK: Dying Matters Coalition 2011. YouTube (15 min. 12 sec.)

A 15 minute film which helps people with intellectual disabilities and their carers explore issues about death and dying.