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The app guide to autism and education -- Queensland: Bronwyn Sutton Speech Pathology [2016]

The App Guide provides in-depth, rigorous reviews you can trust. The App Guide includes hundreds of app evaluations classified according to their effectiveness to teach and support a vast range of goals and interventions. This comprehensive database will help you make an informed app choice for your student

App guide : top autism apps rated for your child -- Sunnybank, QLD: Autism Queensland Inc. [2016] 13 p.

Autism Queensland and a team of Speech Pathology students have produced a starter guide aimed at helping parents choose appropriate apps for their children with autism. 'APPraisal of APPropriate APPs' provides a five point rating system to help parents select the right apps for their children. The apps are split into 11 different areas according to how the app may support the child, as well as considering the independence needed to access the app, motivation, feedback given to the child, the sensory friendliness, the ability to customize, and language skills needed. Included are links to documents entitled "App guide : a guide to finding and accessing apps" and "Things to consider when choosing an App". The latter explains the rating system that has been applied. [website] [2016]

Website providing App advice for the special needs community. Apps are listed under categories including : autism, maths, literacy, motor skills, social skills and science. They also have a Facebook page

Autism apps -- Shenton Park: Autism Association of Western Australia [2016]

This website can offer information about: how to use an iPad and selecting appropriate apps; how to support people with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) using technology; tips for selecting a useful app; information related to the National Curriculum and Evidence Based Practise for supporting individuals with ASD. It also discusses recent research and reviews apps.

iPhone/iPad apps for AAC [2016]

An annotated listing of apps for learning and communication, including cost and rating. Includes a further listing of new apps and updates at the end of the document.

Resources for iPads in special education Spectronics [2016]

Spectronics have provided webinars describing their "Top 10" list of iPad apps in various categories that may help in providing support for students. Categories include : literacy support, book creation, cause and effect, and speech development. There is also additional information regarding the use of iPads in special education. Some of the webinars require a subscription to view.

Resources for special needs : a resource guide and ideas for therapists, teachers, parents and carers working with people with special needs. Autism World Magazine 2015.

This handbook is full of hundreds of live links to products, information and websites. Contents include: include sensory and therapy products; vehicle and car seat safety; social stories (apps, books & software); Toileting; useful websites; assistance dogs; sexuality, continence and sleep; autism training, workshops & seminars; behaviour; visual communication aids & resources; safety, tracking devices, toy & resources libraries; resource facebook groups and more. It is available in the following formats: For PDF version download at dropbox - and save to your device. To view online - Free download on the iTunes store Free download also on Androids: