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All kids, all sports -- Perth: Cerebral Palsy Association of WA, 2005. 1 CD-ROM

The aim of this interactive CD-ROM is to assist with the inclusion of children with Cerebral Palsy into the school physical education and sports curriculum. The information is provided at two levels, one for the student and one for the teacher. It includes information on stretching, sports modifications, fitness and adaptive equipment. Presentation is in a number of formats including video case studies, educational material, printable resources, and a quiz.

SC/CER ALL [P11960]

At the footy and other stories / Davidson, Susan. -- Midland, WA: People Learn Productions, 2006. 35 p. + 3 CDs (66 min; 24 min; 69 min) + 2 leaflets

Includes four short stories: At the footy; The vegetable garden; Opals for Cara; The burglary. At the end of each story are comprehension and language activities.

AB F DAV [P12068]

The Ball / Leski, Jessica. Australian Broadcasting Corporation;Screen Australia;Princess Pictures, [2010] 1 DVD

This documentary follows the journey of four students with disabilities as they prepare for their school's debutante ball. It provides an insight into the day-to-day lives of these unique characters living with disability, and their joy of taking part in something that most high-schoolers take for granted.

CC 306.875 LES [P14099]

Be prepared! : sport and active recreation programs for people with a disability : a resource kit for volunteers and staff / Kappelides, Pam. -- [Melbourne]: La Trobe University, 2014. 114 p. ; 30 cm.

This resource kit has been written for volunteers and staff who provide sport and active recreation programs for people with disabilities. It is divided into six sections each covering a specific aspect such as programming options and philosophies, the required skills, a summary of the major disabilities most leaders will encounter, volunteer and staff management issues, activities and resources available for volunteers to use and finally, and outline of volunteer management for staff. A unique aspect of this resource is that an accompanying website will be updated regularly to keep staff and volunteers up-to-date with the latest information. The website address is .

CC 790.196 KAP [P15476]

The big cycle to the rooftop of the world Blurb (Self Publishing) 2014. 1 Photobook (unpaged)

This photobook follows the inspiring challenge of a 1000 kilometre cycle across the Tibetan Plateau and an off road 103 kilometres to Everest Base Camp by three hand cycling tetraplegics and a team of able bodies supporters who cycled with them, and who raised NZ $600,000 for spinal cord injury research.

CC 306.875 THE [P15340]

Captivate inclusion toolkit : a resource for frontline sport, recreation and leisure staff / Harrop, Anita; O'Brien, Ann. -- Perth: Recreation and Sport Network;Western Australian Local Government Association;Disability Services Commission;Department of Sport and Recreation, WA, [2008] 109 p. + CD-ROM

This manual is designed to be used by people involved in the delivery of sport and recreation services. The first section addresses theory and research on inclusion in sport and recreation. The second section provides more practical information with guidelines for sport and recreation providers to encourage participation in sport and recreation by people with a disability. Additional resources and contact details for relevant Australian organisations are also included.

CC 790.196 CAP [P12353;P12355;P12356]

Cool comics : sports : creative ways to promote cognitive thinking / Carter, Margaret; Santomauro, Josie. 2008. 1.v. (unpaged) ; 21 cm.

The 'Cool Comics' books are a fun method to teach children constructive ways of responding to/in social situations. The main character in the comic scenes experiences all sorts of challenges in the social world. The comics illustrate how to respond to these challenges using positive self-talk. Students are introduced to resolving social conflicts in a positive manner. This book regards situations that arise in the sports field.

CC 305.2313 CAR [ P12939]

Doing sport differently : a guide to exercise and fitness for people living with disability or health conditions / Disability Rights UK. -- London: Disability Rights UK, 2012. 62 p. ; 30 cm.

This guide is aimed at people with a disability, and those that care or work with people with a disability. Whilst it is produced in the UK and makes reference to UK based organisations, the suggestions for getting involved in sport on a number levels are relevant. Topics discussed include: reasons for doing sport and exercise; different types of sport and how to take part in activities; other ways to get involved with sport such as volunteerting, managing, coaching; and watching sport for enjoyment. Also available at

CC 796 DOI [P14743]

Enjoying sport and exercise / Hollins, Sheila; Argent, Caroline. -- London: RCPsych Publications;St George's, University of London, 2008. 65 p.

Written for people with an intellectual disability this book tells the story of three people who want to take up a sport and are supported to do so. Jasmine is a wheelchair user who finds she can play badminton; Charlie who is overweight discovers dog walking and cricket; whilst James is a runner training for a marathon. The story is told in pictures alone to allow for individual interpretation. A suggested text is included at the end of the book. There is also information on the benefits of sport and exercise, and how to choose and prepare for sporting activities.

CC 610.8 HOL [P12226]

Freestyles / PAMIS. -- Dundee: Pamis, 2011. 30 p. ; 21 cm.

This is a handbook and DVD on accessible leisure for people with profound and multiple intellectual disabilities. PAMIS share their experience of working with families and leisure staff to develop a range of inclusive indoor and outdoor sport and leisure activities for people with disabilities and their families in their local community. It also aims to encourage others to develop inclusive leisure activities for people with complex disabilities. It covers activities such as adapted cycling, swimming and hydrotherapy, water sports, adapted skiing, wheelchair ice skating, horse riding, country walks, and accesible play. While the examples and contacts given are based in Scotland, the book and DVD demonstrate the possibilities of a range of accessible leisure.

CC 790.196 FRE [P14677]

Get out, explore, and have fun! : how families of children with autism or Asperger syndrome can get the most out of community activities / Rudy, Lisa Jo. -- London: Jessica Kingsley, 2010. 256 p. ; 23 cm.

This book is dedicated to the idea that getting out, exploring, and having fun with a child on the autism spectrum is important and that encouraging your child with autism to explore the world outside of school and therapy can have extraordinary results. It is about how you can take a full part in community life and support the strengths and interests of your child at the same time. It is a guide to what is out there, how to find it, and how to male it work for your family. There are tips and hints for involving the family in the right community activities, from sports to science; information on museums, arts organisations and science institutions as venues for enjoyable and enriching days out for the family; and resources and ideas to help the child build on their strengths, interests, and preferred learning styles.

SC/AUT RUD [P13377]

Getting into the game : sports programs for kids with autism / Smith, Veronica; Patterson, Stephanie Y. -- London: Jessica Kingsley, 2012. 255 p. ; 25 cm.

This book, aimed at families, clinicians and coaches, outlines the many benefits sport can bring to children with autism, and provides practical suggestions for including people with autism in sports and other physical activities. It also provides more detailed information about six popular sports; bike riding, ice skating, swimming, soccer, martial arts and tennis, providing "to do" checklists, clothing and equipment required, basic skills, terminology and rules for each sport.

SC/AUT SMI [P14640]

Going swimming / Webster, Avril. -- Limerick: Off We Go Publishing, 2008. 14 p. ; 21 cm.

This is one of a series of books which tell the story of a particular event or everyday activity in a sequence of twelve steps. They are written to prepare a child to cope better with that new activity or event and are of particular benefit to children with intellectual disabilities or autism, pre-school children, or where English is a second language. It helps build the child's confidence, self esteem, language development and communication skills.

CC 305.2316 WEB [P12886]

In the moment : a DVD about the arts and people with profound and multiple learning disabilities / MENCAP. -- London: Mencap, 2007. 1 DVD (38 min.) + booklet (17 p.)

This DVD and its accompanying booklet look at four arts companies who are working with people with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD). Each focuses on a particular art form: visual, theatre, music and storytelling. There is a section on things to consider when working in the arts with people with PMLD.

CC 740 INT [P12057]

Inclusion in physical education : fitness, motor, and social skills for students of all activities / Rouse, Pattie. -- Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics, 2010. xv, 151 p. ; 33 cm.

This is a guide with strategies that focus on developing physical and social skills and fitness of students with disabilities, which do not involve extended planning or setup time or extra equipment, and allow them to be included in general physical education. It examines "what is inclusion?" and is divided according to specific disabilities. It offers chapters on inclusion for students with autism, limited use of limbs requiring wheelchair use, intellectual disabilities, cerebral palsy and other orthopedic impairments, and visual and hearing impairments. It aims to allow the user to include students with any disability in their curriculum.

CC 796 ROU [P14686]

Key word sign footy book (Australian football) / Keesing, Ella. -- Newcastle: Key Word Sign Australia, 2010. 87 p. ; 15 cm.

This booklet is designed to show a variety of manual signs which may be used at an Australian Rules football match or when talking about football. The signs used in this booklet are selected from Australian Sign Language (Auslan).

CC 616.8554 KEE [P13464;P13476]

Move it : a guide to physical activity / Groundwork Oldham & Rochdale; Springhead Community Centre; Oldham Primary Care Trust; Social Services Oldham; Oldham Community Centre. -- [Oldham, UK]: Groundwork Oldham & Rochdale, [2009] 1 v. (unpaged) ; 30 cm.

This is a guide to physical activity using photographs and basic instruction covering general mobility and stretching, to activities such as bowls, gardening, walking, football, cycling, and activities at the local sports centre including the gym, chair-based exercises and dance. It could be used as motivation for children, or those with a intellectual disability. Available online at

CC 610.8 MOV [P12340]

Off the sidelines! : sport and recreation for students with a vision impairment -- Victoria Park: Guide Dogs WA, 1 DVD

This looks at the importance of sport in school for all students, the range of different types of vision impairment, and ways students with vision impairment can be included in sports activities at school.

CC 796 OFF [P14871]

Physical activities for young people with severe disabilities / Canales, Lindsay K.; Lytle, Rebecca K. -- Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics, 2011. xvii, 117 p.; 26 cm.

This will help in providing quality physical education for students with cerebral palsy, spina bifida, and other orthopedic impairments that inhibit their ability to function physically. The guide features fifty illustrated activities that use common objects as equipment and can be set up in a variety of environments. They are organised by area of skill or fitness - balance and flexibility, muscular strength and cardiorespiratory endurance, coordination, and moving in space - to help quickly locate the activities best suited to the student. It contains evidence based research, safety tips and teaching strategies, high and low variations, and informal assessment questions.

CC 796 CAN [P15652;P14687]

Recreation and adults with Down syndrome / Velde, Beth; Emes, Claudia; Brown, Roy, Ed. -- Southsea: Down Syndrome Educational Trust, 2006. 38 p.

This book is written to enable the participation of individuals with Down Syndrome in recreation activities. It includes information that will help in the planning and implementation of individualised life-styles, as well as examples of recreational activity, current research knowledge and a review of major sporting bodies for persons with intellectual disabilities. There are suggestions on how to develop plans that will incorporate recreational activities into the lifestyles of adults with Down syndrome.

SC/DOW VEL [P11955]

Walk your way to fitness : walk, workout, be active for people with intellectual disabilities -- Eugene, Or.: IRIS Media, 2006. 2 DVD's + 1 CD-ROM + 1 leaflet

A program for people with intellectual disabilities on starting a fitness and exercise regime to keep healthy. Includes nine lessons explaining the benefits of exercise, setting and meeting goals, staying positive and making lifestyle changes. The workouts vary from walk aerobics, strength and flexibility and dance aerobics. A printable activity book can be used to follow the lessons and to create a personalised fitness book.

CC 610.8 WAL [P11620]