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The bipolar child : the definitive and reassuring guide to childhood's most misunderstood disorder / Papolos, Demitri; Papolos, Janice. -- New York: Broadway Books, 2006. xxii, 474 p.

About early onset bipolar disorder, or manic depression, this comprehensive book discusses diagnosis and treatment, possible causes, and living and coping with the condition. Throughout the book are personal accounts of experiences of parents, siblings and the children themselves.

CC 616.89 PAP [P12043]

A booklet for young people about mental illness / Stevenson, Catherine; Ferrari, Giuliette. / ASSOCIATION OF RELATIVES AND FRIENDS OF THE MENTALLY ILL. -- Perth: ARAFMI, 1994. 33p. ill

The booklet explains the causes of mental illness and where to go for information and help.

CC 616.89 STE [P05090]

Brandon and the bipolar bear : a story for children with bipolar disorder / Anglada, Tracy. -- Murdock, FL: BPChildren, c2009. 23 p. ; 26 cm.

This is a fictional story about a young boy living with bipolar disorder. Brandon experiences rapid mood swings, irritability and a feeling that he can't control himself, however he is comforted by the explanation of the disorder the doctor gives him, making him feel not alone and hopeful that the medicines will make him feel better. This book is aimed at children aged 4 to 11.

CC 616.89 ANG [P14655]

Breaking free from OCD : a CBT guide for young people and their families / Derisley, Jo; Heyman, Isobel; Robinson, Sarah; Turner, Cynthia. -- London: Jessica Kingsley, 2008. 223 p.

This is step-by-step guide to coping with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) for sufferers and their families. The first section of this book helps to provide a better understanding of OCD and how to recognise the symptoms. The second section has chapters aimed at helping people recover from OCD and describes how cognitive behavioural therapy can help overcome it.

CC 616.89 DER [P12363]

Can I tell you about anxiety? : a guide for friends, family and professionals / Willetts, Lucy; Waite, Polly. -- London;Philadelphia: Jessica Kingsley, 2014. 51 p. ; 23 cm

Megan is a young girl with an anxiety disorder.She invites readers to learn about anxiety from her perspective, helping them to understand why she feels anxious and how this effects how she thinks and behaves.Megan talks about techniques she has learnt to help manage her anxiety, and how people around her can help. It is a good way to start a conversation about anxious thought, in the classroom or at home. Suitable for readers aged 7 upwards.

CC 305.23114 WIL [P15386]

Can I tell you about OCD? : a guide for friends, family and professionals / Jassi, Amita. -- London;Philadelphia: Jessica Kingsley, 2013. 47 p. ; 23 cm.

This is about Katy - a teenager with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Katie explains OCD from her perspective, helping readers to understand what it is, how her obsessions and compulsions affect her daily life and how people around her can help. This illustrated introduction to the condition will show family, friends and teachers how they can support someone with OCD and is a way to start a conversation about OCD, in the classroom or at home.

CC 616.89 JAS [P15052]

A carer's guide : helping you care for someone with Alzheimer's or other dementias / Teitel, Rosette; Wall, Sharon. -- Lane Cove, NSW: Finch, 2003. 218 p.

A guide for carers based on the story of Rosette Teitel and her journey caring for her husband Newton when he is diagnosed with dementia. Practical advice is given from the moment of diagnosis, its progression and placing a loved one in residential care. Checklists and suggestions are offered in each chapter to help support the carer whilst helping their loved one. Offers the carer help with legal and financial issues, health and medicine and advice on aged care facilities.

CC 362.82 TEI [P10585]

Coping with an anxious or depressed child : a guide for parents and carers / Cartwright-Hatton, Sam. -- Oxford: Oneworld, 2007. x, 164 p. ; 22 cm.

Written specifically for parents, this book uses the latest clinical research in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to provide effective methods to tackle anxiety and depression in children. It includes advise on boosting your child's self esteem and confidence; dealing with fears and worries; creating a stable, safe, and happy home-life; negotiating the mental health system; daily diet and available medicines. Also useful for professionals as a resource to recommend to families.

CC 616.89 CAR [P13445]

Down syndrome : when to worry about mental health and what to do about it / Friedlander, Robin; Johnson, Peter. -- Kingston, NY: NADD Press, 2009. 68 p. ; 23 cm

This book is written to provide clear and accurate information for the parents and caregivers of people with Down Syndrome. It offers practical advice on the assessment and treatment of mental health disorders in people with Down Syndrome. It also provides practical advice for maintaining good mental health. Chapters cover staying mentally healthy, expected and unexpected life events, disordered behaviours, personality problems, and severe mental disorders.

SC/DOW FRI [P13410]

Families and mental illness : speaking from experience / SANE Australia. -- South Melbourne: Real Time Health, [2005?] 1 DVD (36 min.)

In this program, people living with a mental illness and family members talk frankly about the impact of the illness on their lives and relationships,the support the whole family needs, and offer advice on the skills they have learned in looking after themselves and in planning ahead.

CC 616.89 FAM [P12378]

Family to family : telling it like it is... children and parenting : stories and wisdom from families when a parent has a mental illness / RUAH COMMUNITY SERVICES. -- [Perth]: 2009. 36 p. ; 30 cm.

This booklet provides some information about some of the issues that face families where mental illness is present and looks at strategies that may be useful in managing the parenting role. It has been written in partnership by people who come from families where there is a parental mental illness and a group of health professionals. It looks at the impact of mental illness on families.

CC 616.89 FAM [P12849]

Family to family : telling it like it is...families and recovery : stories and wisdom from families when a parent has a mental illness / RUAH COMMUNITY SERVICES. -- [Perth]: 2009. 20 p. ; 30cm.

This booklet was written by a group of consumers and carers, family members and mental health workers who support the principal of recovery and believe that people with mental illness can choose a life of recovery. It is about the process of learning to live with and beyond the difficulties that mental illness brings.

CC 616.89 FAM [P12851]

Family to family : telling it like it is...going to hospital : stories and wisdom from families when a parent has a mental illness / RUAH COMMUNITY SERVICES. -- [Perth]: 2009. 20 p. ; 30 cm.

This booklet draws on the wisdom of families where the parent with a mental illness has had to go to hospital. It has been written by those families in partnership with a group of people whose work includes supporting people with a mental illness, their family and children. It involves talking about the possibility within the family and having a plan so that all concerned know what is going to happen and what will happen afterwards.

CC 616.89 FAM [P12852]

Family to family : telling it like it is...our stories : stories and wisdom from families when a parent has a mental illness / RUAH COMMUNITY SERVICES. -- [Perth]: 2009. 28 p.; 30 cm.

This booklet consists of real stories from people with mental illness. Many find it therapeutic and some also like to share their stories in the hope that they might help others.

CC 616.89 FAM [P12853]

Family to family : telling it like it is...working things out as a family : stories and wisdom from families when a parent has a mental illness / RUAH COMMUNITY SERVICES. -- [Perth]: 2009. 16 p. ; 30 cm

This book has been written by consumers, carers and families in partnership with mental health and family support organisations and is for families where a parent has a mental illness. It is about living with change, problem solving and planning.

CC 616.89 FAM [P12850]

Family to family : working things out as a family : stories and wisdom from families when a parent has a mental illness / RUAH COMMUNITY SERVICES. -- [Perth]: 2009. 16 p. ; 30 cm

This book has been written by consumers, carers and families in partnership with mental health and family support organisations and is for families where a parent has a mental illness. It is about living with change, problem solving and planning.

CC 616.89 FAM

Feeling blue / Hollins, Sheila; Curran, Jenny. -- London: St George's Mental Health Library, 1995. 1v.(unpaged), col.ill.

Written for people with an intellectual disability, this book illustrates what happens to Ron when he is depressed, and how he is helped to feel better. The story is told in pictures alone to allow for individual interpretation. A suggested text is included at the end of the book. Another copy is included in the training pack "Understanding Depression" - VC UND. It is now also available online at

CC 616.89 HOL [P06153;P09794]

Fight or flight? : overcoming panic and agoraphobia -- [Sydney?]: Monkey See Productions, 1998. 1 DVD (48 min.)

Two people talk about their experiences living with panic disorder and agoraphobia. The program includes techniques to help successfully overcome panic attacks by using breathing skills, realistic thinking, internal and external exposure and self monitoring. Explains what panic disorder and agoraphobia is, the role of cognitive behavioural therapy and the use of medication.

CC 616.89 FIG [P11250]

Freeing your child from anxiety / Chansky, Tamar E. -- New York: Harmony Books, 2014. 468 p. ; 20 cm.

This revised and updated edition helps to teach parents how to prepare children to withstand pressure. Dr Tamar Chansky shares an approach for helping children build emotional resilience for a happier and heathier life.

CC 305.23114 CHA [P15646]

Guide to mental health for families and carers of people with intellectual disabilities / Holt, Geraldine; Gratsa, Anastasia; Bouras, Nick; Joyce, Theresa; Spiller, Mary Jane; Hardy, Steve. -- London: Jessica Kingsley, 2004. 240 p.

Provides a wide range of information on mental health issues for family and carers of adults with an intellectual disability. The book gives detailed information on caring for a person with an intellectual disability who develops mental health problems. Includes information on diagnosis, services, therapeutic interventions, legal and ethical issues, challenging behaviour, autism, epilepsy and the emotional and physical wellbeing of the carer.

CC 616.89 HOL [P10781]

Helping parents, youth, and teachers understand medications for behavioral and emotional problems : a resource book of medication information handouts / Dulcan, Mina K.ed. -- Arlington, Va: American Psychiatric Publishing, 2007. xxvi, 733 p. + 1 CD-ROM

Written in a language that parents, teachers and youth can understand, this book covers 64 current medications for behavioural and emotional disorders in childhood and adolescence. It includes information about each medication, how it may help, how it works, how long the effects last, how it is monitored, side effects, interactions, what happens when the medication is stopped suddenly, and how long it should be used. A CD-ROM includes printable medication information handouts, resource lists and appendices as PDF fiules for easy printing.

CC 610.2 HEL [P12224]

Joe's diary : a SANE guide for young people / SANE Australia. -- [South Melbourne,Vic]: SANE Australia, 2001. 37 p. ; 21 cm.

This is a diary about a year in the life of a young boy who's mother becomes ill with schizophrenia. It includes many tips on what to do and how to cope and is written as a guide for young people in a similar situation.

CC 616.89 SAN [P12376]

Kids in the syndrome mix of ADHD, LD, autism spectrum, Tourette's, anxiety and more! : the one stop guide for parents, teachers and professionals / Kutscher, Martin L.; Attwood, Tony; Wolff, Robert R. -- London;Philadelphia: Jessica Kingsley, 2014. 318 p. ; 23 cm.

This guide covers the whole range of often co-existing neurobehavioral disorders in children - from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), obsessive-compulsive disorder, and anxiety to autism spectrum disorders, non-verbal learning disabilities,Tourette's, sensory integration problems, obsessive-compulsive disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), and central auditory processing disorders (CAPDs). The author provides accessible, up to date information on causes, symptoms, treatments, medication, and interactions with other conditions. He gives skillful and sympathetic explanations of the inner world of children in the syndrome mix, along with effective behavioural strategies, case vignettes, and practical tips. This new edition incorporates DSM-5 changes and includes a revised chapter by Tony Attwood explaining the new criteria and the anticipated usage of the term "Asperger's syndrome". .

SC/AAA KUT [P15284]

Learning disabilities and mental illness : a guide for practitioners and carers / Dawson, Carol; Morgan, Penny. -- Birmingham, UK: Pepar Publications, 1997. 96 p.

The book addresses mental health problems in people with an intellectual disability, topics covered include depression, anxiety states, post traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders, schizophrenias and dementias. Information about the roles of professionals, possible signs and symptoms and recognised interventions is provided.

CC 616.89 DAW [P08107]

Living with schizophrenia -- [Sydney?]: Monkey See Productions, 2002. 1 DVD (39 min.)

Three people with schizophrenia and one person with schizo-affective disorder discuss how their lives are affected by this mental illness and how they manage their condition. Aspects discussed include taking medication, psychological management, early intervention strategies, managing cognitive impairments, counselling , making lifestyle choices, the effects of drug taking on the condition, seeking peer support and the role of family and friends.

CC 616.89 LIV [P11251]

Manic depressive illness : a guide to living with it -- [Sydney?]: Monkey See Productions, 2000. 1 DVD (46 min.)

Six people describe the effects of Bipolar disorder on their lives and how they manage this serious condition. Discusses an integrated approach to staying well that includes traditional medicine, knowing the early warning signs, when to seek counselling, the effects of drugs and alcohol on the disorder, making lifestyle choices, seeking help from support groups and the role of family and friends.

CC 616.89 MAN [P11252]

Mental health care for people with learning disabilities / Priest, Helena; Gibbs, Michael. -- Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone, 2004. 206 p.

Explains what mental health is and how mental health problems can affect the lives of people with intellectual disabilities and their families. Examines how mental health problems can be identified in people with intellectual disabilities and how carers and services can respond. Supported with case studies and study exercises, the book explores key concepts to help parents, carers and professionals create a solid foundation of knowledge in relation to mental health and people with intellectual disabilities.

CC 616.89 PRI [P11848]

Mental health first aid manual / Kitchener, Betty A; Jorm, Anthony F; Kelly, Claire. -- Parkville, Vic.: University of Melbourne, 2010. vii, 130 p. ; 23 cm.

This manual has been designed to accompany the Mental Health First Aid course, which is aimed at members of the public to learn how to assist someone who is developing a mental illness, or is in a mental health crisis.

CC 616.89 KIT [P14757]

Mental wellness in adults with Down syndrome : a guide to emotional and behavioral strengths and challenges / Mcguire, Dennis; Chicoine, Brian. -- Bethesda, Md: Woodbine House, 2006. 431 p.

For parents, mental health professionals, teachers and caregivers who want to understand better how to promote mental health and resolve psychosocial problems in adolescents and adults with Down syndrome. Examines common behavioural characteristics of Down syndrome and how some can be mistaken for mental illness. Provides a guide to mental health problems that occur more commonly in people with Down syndrome. Discusses the importance of regular assessment and the impact of environmental conditions, social opportunities, and physical health on behaviour and mental well-being. Describes problem signs, diagnostic process and treatment options such as counseling, behavioural therapy and medications for a range of mental illness conditions. Topics include family support, communication skills, memory skills, self esteem, self-talk, life span issues, mood and anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, eating refusal, self-injurious behaviour, autism and dementia.

SC/DOW MCG [P13600;P13013]

More than just the blues : understanding serious teenage problems / Rey, Joseph. -- East Roseville, NSW: Simon & Schuster, 2002. 288 p.

This book discusses the issue of teenage problems, such as, how to recognise if a problem is serious, what the causes are and which treatments are available. The first five chapters discuss how to handle normal teenage behaviour, what is within the range of normality and what is abnormal, what causes mental health problems and how to seek help. The other chapters focus on specific problems such as fears and phobias, suicide, school troubles, depression, alcohol and drugs, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, tangled thoughts and eating and dieting. The book reflects current expert opinion and applies to general situations in adolescence.

CC 362.7 REY [P10621]

My anxious mind : a teen's guide to managing anxiety and panic / Tompkins, Michael A.; Martinez, Katherine A. -- Washington DC: Magination Press, 2010. xii, 196 p. ; 22 cm.

This book outlines a simple and proven plan to help adolescents understand and deal with their anxiety and panic. The tools and strategies can easily fit into any teen's busy routine. Aimed at anxious teens and their parents and teachers, it could be helpful to individuals of any age who have an "anxious mind".

CC 305.23114 TOM [P13545]

My bipolar, roller coaster, feelings book / Hebert, Bryna. -- Victoria, BC: Trafford Publishing, 2005. [24] p.; 26 cm.

In this book Robert describes what it is like to be a young boy with bipolar disorder. His parents tell him it is just part of who he is, not all of who he is.

CC 616.89 BRY [P14661]

Obsessive-compulsive disorders : help for children and adolescents / Waltz, Mitzi. -- Sebastopol, Ca: O'Reilly & Associates, 2000. 384 p.

Introduces the reader to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) in children and adolescents. Defines the causes and its relation to other disorders such as autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Tourette's syndrome. Provides information on diagnosis and living with OCD. Examines interventions from a medical, therapeutic and holistic perspective. Discusses insurance and medical cost issues with a section dedicated to Medicare in Australia. Discusses issues related to schooling with a section on education in Australia and transition from adolescents into adulthood. A useful tool for parents on providing strategies to help support children and adolescents with OCD.

CC 616.89 WAL [P11277]

Parenting OCD : down to earth advice from one parent to another / Sanders, Claire. -- London;Philadelphia, Pa: Jessica Kingsley, 2015. 208 p. ; 21 cm.

Claire Sanders has been managing her son's severe OCD for more than 8 years and, although she acknowledges there are no quick fixes, she has learnt a few tips along the way. The book covers what is involved in getting a diagnosis, what to expect in therapy, how to cope with panic attacks, how it might affect the rest of your family and how you might feel as a parent [Book cover].

CC 616.89 SAN [P15641]

A practical guide to mental health problems in children with autistic spectrum disorder : it's not just their autism! / Karim, Khalid; Ali, Alvina; O'reilly, Michelle. -- London;Philadelphia: Jessica Kingsley, 2014. 288 pages ; 23 cm.

Exploring the relationship between autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and mental health difficulties, this book offers practical guidance to help parents and professionals recognise and handle co-morbid conditions, and dispels the myth that they are just part of autism. The authors cover a wide range of mental health problems experienced by children with ASD, including Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), anxiety, ADHD, eating disorders, psychosis, stress, tics and depression, and illustrate these issues with case studies. They also provide advice and suggest strategies to ease the difficulties which arise from these conditions.

SC/AUT KAR [P15197]

The princess and the fog / Jones, Lloyd. -- London;Philadelphia: Jessica Kingsley, 2015. 36 p. ; 24 cm.

This is a picture book to help young sufferers of depression cope with their difficult feelings. The story describes the symptoms of childhood depression while also providing hope that things can get better with a little help and support. A great starting point for explaining depression to all children, especially those who may have a parent or close family member with depression.

CC 616.89 JON [P15695]

The SANE guide for carers / SANE Australia. -- South Melbourne: Sane, 2000. 43p

A brief guide for anyone with a friend or relative with a mental illness. It explains the importance of coming to terms with the illness and dealing with your own reactions to it, before going on to learn the skills which will help your friend or relative to find appropriate support.

CC 616.89 SAN [P09969;P09968]

The SANE guide for families : caring for someone affected by mental illness / SANE Australia. -- Victoria: SANE Australia, 2009. 78 p.

This guide is intended to help family, friends and other carers of people who have been seriously affected by mental illness. It explains the way everyone in the family can be affected and the support they need as well as the person affected. It looks at the importance of dealing with your own reactions, and of developing a positive attitude to caring. It is designed to help you find the support, the skills to help the person improve the level of recovery, and looks at what needs to be done to plan ahead for care when you are no longer able to provide it your self.

CC 616.89 SAN [P12379]

The SANE guide to bipolar disorder / SANE Australia. -- South Melbourne: Sane, 2003. 29 p.

This guide explains to people with bipolar disorder (manic depression), their family and friends, what it means to have this disorder, the best treatment available and demonstrates how someone with this diagnosis can help themselves.

CC 616.89 SAN [P13568]

SANE guide to depression : a guide for people living with depression / SANE Australia. -- South Melbourne : Sane, 2000. 34 p.

This guide explains the causes, symptoms and treatments for depression and provides practical information about how you can help to look after yourself.

CC 616.89 SAN [P09488]

The SANE guide to medication and other treatments : a guide to medication and other treatments for people affected by mental illness / SANE Australia. -- South Melbourne: Sane, 2005. 49 p.

This guide provides information on medication and psychological treatments for people affected by mental illness covering conditions such as anxiety disorders, depression, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Issues discussed in the book include clinical care provided by health professionals, support services in the community and details on how to help yourself.

CC 616.89 SAN [P10839]

SANE guide to psychosis : a guide to schizophrenia and other psychotic illnesses / SANE Australia. -- South Melbourne: Sane, 2000. 43 p.

This guide explains what is meant by psychosis and its different symptoms and causes, and demonstrates how the different aspects of treatment assist with recovery.

CC 616.89 SAN [P09491]

SANE guide to schizophrenia : a guide to schizophrenia and other psychotic illness / SANE Australia. -- South Melbourne: Sane, 2003. 37 p.

This guide explains to people diagnosed with schizophrenia, their family and friends, the meaning and symptoms of this illness and discusses the best treatment available.

CC 616.89 SAN [P09490]

SANE guide to treatments : a guide to treatments for people seriously affected by mental illness / SANE Australia. -- South Melbourne: Sane, 1998. 33 p.

Focusing particularly on the needs of people with illnesses like schizophrenia and related disorders, bipolar disorder and major depression, this guide is for people diagnosed with an illness, their family and friends. It explains the kinds of treatment and support services available.

CC 616.89 SAN [P09487]

Secret squirrel business : a guide to mental health recovery / Middlemiss, Jenny. -- West Perth: Ruah Community Services, 2012. xxii, 287 p. ; 23 cm.

This is a practical and empowering book for people with enduring mental illness in which the author shares her personal insight and wisdom into how to manage, cope and live a better life with mental illness. The intention is to give the reader information about the experiences they are likely to encounter in their various areas of life, and give them tools to help them deal with them in a positive way. The book is supported by the latest research in mental health and its wide range of practical advice is extended by workshop exercises.

CC 616.89 MID [P14574]

So young, so sad, so listen / Graham, Philip; Hughes, Carol. -- London: Gaskell, 2008. viii, 56 p. ; 24 cm.

This book looks at the problem of childhood depression. The aim is to help those involved to recognise the signs of depression in children and to understand the possible causes. The authors provide practical advice and information about the support and help you can give. It is intended to help parents and teachers of depressed children as well as social workers, health visitors and family doctors. Teenagers may also find it useful.

CC 616.89 PHI [P12905]

Talking back to OCD : the program that helps kids and teens say "no way"-and parents say "way to go" / March, John S.; Benton, Christine M. -- New York: The Guilford Press, 2007. ix, 277 p. ; 26 cm.

The purpose of this book is to bring cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) to children and parents to help reduce the suffering of children and teenagers with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) - rather than doing nothing or using medications. Aimed at both the sufferer and the parents, the author provides steps that can empower a young person to battle OCD.

CC 616.89 MAR [P13646]

Touch and go Joe : an adolescent's experience of OCD / Wells, Joe. -- London: Jessica Kingsley, 2006. 128 p.

Joe Wells describes his personal experiences of living with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). From the age of nine when he obsessed about being poisoned, Joe begins a struggle through adolescence that causes him to obsessively wash his hands, think compulsive thoughts and become obsessed with tapping and counting. After trying to hide this condition from family, friends and teachers, Joe finally received the help and support he needed to control his obsessions. This book provides information and understanding to anyone who would like to know more about obsessive compulsive disorder.

CC 616.89 WEL [P11662]

Understanding depression in people with learning disabilities: a training pack for staff and carers / Hollins, Sheila; Curran, Jenny. -- Brighton: Pavilion, 1996. 1 videocassette + binder (64p) +booklet

This training pack is designed to facilitate the recognition and treatment of depression in people with intellectual disability. It is based on a story told in the book, "Feeling blue" which is contained in the pack. A video "Chasing away the blues", photocopiable handouts and overhead projector masters are also included.

CC 616.89 UND [P09179]

What's happening..? / FOUNDATION FOR PEOPLE WITH LEARNING DISABILITIES. -- London: Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities, 2006. 1 DVD (64 min.)

Three young people with intellectual disabilities talk about how their lives became difficult or unhappy and what helped them to start to feel better. Peter, Kelly and Stephen were involved in a study by the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, where researchers worked with 16 young people with intellectual disabilities to find out what made them feel anxious or depressed. Stephen went through a difficult time when his mother died from cancer, Kelly became unhappy after being diagnosed with epilepsy and Peter became depressed after changes at work. This DVD is intended to help young people, families and practitioners to identify and learn from the experiences of these three people.

CC 616.89 WHA [P11698]

What to do when your brain gets stuck : a kid's guide to overcoming OCD / Huebner, Dawn. -- Washington DC: Magination Press, 2007. 95 p.

This book teaches children and their parents the cognitive-behavioural techniques used to treat obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Using examples, illustrations and step-by-step instructions it enables children to recognize and respond more appropriately to the thoughts and urges that characterize OCD.

CC 616.89 HUE [P12469;P14265]

You're not alone : a SANE guide to mental illness for children / SANE Australia. -- Victoria: SANE Australia, 2003. 37 p.

This book is for children aged 6-12 who have a family member or other person close to them with mental illness. Written in the form of a cartoon book, it is intended to provide information which helps children to understand and cope better with their situation. It provides a simple explanation of mental illness, how it is treated and how to cope with day to day effects on family life.

CC 616.89 SAN [P12377]