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Additive alert : your guide to safer shopping : the essential information about what's really in the food you eat, which additives to avoid and why / Eady, Julie. -- Mullaloo: Additive Alert, 2006. 146 p. + 1 bookmark

A consumer guide for choosing foods with the least harmful additives. Explains which additives are used in Australia and why some of them should be avoided.

CC 641.5 EAD [P11566]

The art of hiding vegetables : sneaky ways to feed your children healthy food / Bali, Karen; Child, Sally. -- Great Ambrook, Devon: White Ladder Press, 2005. 112 p.

The authors provide practical suggestions for getting children to include more fruit and vegetables in their diet. There are also ideas for healthy breakfasts, snacks, main meals, lunchboxes, parties, eating out and holidays.

CC 641.5 BAL [P12549]

Autism and diet : what you need to know / Kessick, Rosemary. -- London: Jessica Kingsley, 2009. 93 p.; 22 cm.

Written by the mother of a now adult son with autism who has witnessed improvements through dietary intervention, this book provides a brief summary of the science behind the interventions; practical strategies for implementing a safe diet; and information on ingredients to be avoided.

SC/AUT KES [P12711]

Breaking bread, nourishing connections : people with and without disabilities together at mealtime / Schwier, Karin Melberg; Stewart, Erin Schwier. -- Baltimore, Md: Paul H Brookes, 2005. 280 p.

This handbook provides information on how to make meal times a pleasurable and social occasion for people with disabilities. There are strategies designed to help people with disabilities make the most of social opportunities at meal times, make informed decisions about the type of food to eat and communicating choices, tips on how to connect with family, friends and neighbours and how to prepare simple meals. Using personal stories and photographs from families and friends, this book provides insight and support for parents and carers who want to make meal times more inclusive.

CC 641.5 SCH [P11640]

Can't eat, won't eat : dietary difficulties and autistic spectrum disorders / Legge, Brenda. -- London: Jessica Kingsley, 2002. 208 p.

Based on a parent's experience with her autistic child's dietary problems. This book gives parents going through the same problems advice and practical tips on how to deal with the child who won't drink or eat a variety of foods. Included in the book are cases of different types of eating problems, such as limited diet, sensitivity to texture and smell, a diet high in carbohydrates, it then offers practical solutions to encourage a child to try a broader range of foods.

SC/AUT LEG [P14245;P11055]

Deadly tucker : a selection of recipes from the FOODcents for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People in WA Program / WESTERN AUSTRALIA. Department of Health. -- East Perth, WA: Western Australia. Department of Health, 2007. 82 p. ; 30 cm

The recipes in this cookbook are healthy, easy to prepare and do not cost a lot of money. Step by step instructions are accompanied by pictures and each recipe has also been rated according to their suitability for people with diabetes. See also booklets "Deadly tucker" and "More deadly tucker".

CC 641.51 DEA [P13728;P13729]

Dietary interventions in autism spectrum disorders : why they work when they do, why they don't when they don't / Aitken, Kenneth J. -- London: Jessica Kingsley, 2009. 272 p.

The author explains the main dietary approaches that have been advocated in autism, describing the potential benefits and problems, scientific evidence for and against the diet, and where available further information on relevant publications, web resources and support groups.

SC/AUT AIT [P12364]

Disease-proof your child : feeding kids right / Fuhrman, Joel. -- New York: St Martin's Press, 2005. xxvii, 254 p.

In this book the author discusses how eating well in the early childhood years can help to prevent and treat common childhood illnesses such as asthma,ear infections and allergies, as well as protect against developing diabetes, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune diseases, and cancer in later years. It also features complete meal plans and easy-to-prepare child-friendly recipes aimed at establishing lifelong healthy eating habits.

CC 641.5 FUH [P12293]

The Down syndrome nutrition handbook : a guide to promoting healthy lifestyles / Medlen, Joan E. Guthrie. -- Bethesda, Md: Woodbine House, 2002. 430 p.

Looks at the specific aspects of nutrition education and healthy lifestyles for people with Down syndrome from childhood to adulthood.. There are four sections in the book that provide guidelines and information on building healthy attitudes, nutrition related concerns for people with Down syndrome, teaching healthy choices to encourage healthy lifestyles and learning activities to promote healthier habits. Topics discussed in the book include breast and bottle feeding, Celiac disease, diabetes, alternative therapies, weight management, fitness and exercise, cooking and menu planning and teaching activities.

SC/DOW MED [P10639]

Easy cook book 4 / ROYAL MELBOURNE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY. Independent Living Skills Project. -- Melbourne: Independent Living Skills Project, Department of Food Science RMIT, 1998. 52p., col. ill., + 24 cards in plastic pouch

Aimed at promoting independent living skills, the cookbook contains 24 recipes based on the concept of step by step cooking. The fourth volume in the series contains snack foods and quick and easy recipes.

CC 641.51 EAS [P07980;P07981;P09719;P11027;P12476;P14627;P14772]

Easy cook book No. 5 / INDEPENDENT LIVING SKILLS. -- Burwood, Vic.: Independent Living Skills Project, Department of Food Science RMIT, 2010. 59 p., col. ill., + 28 cards in plastic pouch

Aimed at promoting independent living skills, the cookbook contains 28 recipes based on the concept of step by step cooking. The recipes have been divided into ten categories to cover a range of recipes for easy menu planning. Symbols have been used to indicate vegetables and herbs that can be easily grown as demonstrated on DVD "Let's grow vegetables" (P13350, P13351) which can be used in conjunction with this cookbook. Also included are shopping cards for each recipe.

CC 641.51 EAS [P13348;P13349;P14628]

The easy-cook challenge : three cooks, three tasty meals / DISABILITY SERVICES COMMISSION. -- Myaree: Disability Services Commission, 2007. 1 DVD (10 min.)

This DVD, produced locally in WA, shows three people with intellectual disabilities participating in a cooking challenge. It is aimed at showing good shopping practices, and cooking as being quick, easy and fun. It shows shopping for food at the supermarket, choosing healthy products, kitchen safety and hygiene, food preparation and cooking. Afterwards a group sits down to share the meals prepared, showing meal time as a fun and sociable activity.

CC 641.51 EAS [P12195;P12487;P12486]

Easy-to-swallow, easy-to-chew cookbook : over 150 tasty and nutritious recipes for people who have difficulty swallowing / Weihofen, Donna L.; Robbins, Joanne; Sullivan, Paula A. -- New York: John Wiley & Sons, 2002. vi, 250 p.

A cookbook with over 150 recipes, suitable whether or not swallowing is difficult. The first part of the book has information on swallowing and swallowing difficulties, the best foods and ways to eat, swallowing safely and easily, meeting your nutritional needs, and dietary supplements. The second part has recipes for appetizers, soups, main courses, side dishes, vegetables, sauces and spreads, desserts, and beverages.

CC 641.51 WEI [P12062]

Eat right for a long and healthy life -- Eugene, Or.: IRIS Media, 2008. 1 DVD

Suitable for people with an intellectual disability, this DVD includes nine lessons about eating healthy well and staying healthy. Topics covered include: healthy eating; calories and metabolism; food groups and nutrients; healthy and unhealthy fats; food labels; serving sizes; water and why it's important; digestion; activity and exercise. The material is presented segments, in both dramatised and animated formats, and is suitable for group viewing. Activity sheets are filed on the DVD ready to print and use with each lesson.

CC 641.5 EAT [P12209]

Eating well : children and adults with learning disabilities : nutritional and practical guidelines / Crawley, Helen. -- Abbots Langley, Herts.: The Caroline Walker Trust, 2007. 159 p.

This book explains about intellectual disabilities (ID) and the impact they can have on health. It discusses the principles of good nutrition and nutritional needs of people with ID at different life stages. Chapters cover: weight management; gastrointestinal problems, swallowing difficulties and oral health; how to eat well thoughout the day in different situations; practical ways to encourage eating well; monitoring nutritional status and dealing with eating difficulties; nutritional standards and food guidelines; and menu planning and special diets.

CC 641.5 CRA [P12658]

The failsafe cookbook : reducing food chemicals for calm, happy families / Dengate, Sue. -- North Sydney: Random House Australia, 2007. 314 p.

The author of this book has looked at the adverse effects of synthetic additives and natural chemicals in food in previous books. In this book she has compiled hundreds of recipes for all kinds of occasions, as well as up date information about food intolerance and elimination diets.

CC 641.5 DEN [P13448]

Fed up with ADHD : how food affects children and what you can do about it / Dengate, Sue. -- Milsons Point, NSW: Random House Australia, 2004. 260 p.

This guide for parents provides a step by step elimination diet to remove natural and synthetic food chemicals that may affect children's health and behaviour. Based on the author's own experiences, she describes the difficulties she faced with her own children's development and how, through trial and error, she discovered that eliminating certain foods from the diet improved learning ability and health. Explains how the wrong foods can cause learning problems; restlessness and forgetfulness; temper tantrums; anxiety, depression and panic attacks; rocking, hand flapping and face blindness; sleep disorders; whiny and demanding behaviour; lack of motivation; skin rashes, headaches and stomach aches; asthma, colds, flus and earaches.

SC/ATT DEN [P11102]

Fed up with children's behaviour : how food and additives affect behaviour / Dengate, Sue. -- Coffs Coast: AAA Video Productions, 2006. 1 DVD (72 min.)

This DVD follows the authors book 'Fed Up' which made parents aware of adverse effects on children of synthetic additives and natural chemicals in food. The DVD "takes viewers on a voyage of discovery through the perils in our supermarket showing that children don't have to spend their time feeling angry or unhappy" (Cover).

CC 641.5 DEN [P13426]

The food fight : a story about food heroes and villains / Barrow, Michelle. -- Hove, UK: Pavilion, 2013. 22 p. ; 21 cm + CD-Rom

It is often a struggle to persuade children to eat healthily, but research has shown that there is a very simple solution: give healthy foods super hero names and personalities to inspire kids' imaginations. This fun, educational children's book is about healthy foods (food heroes) and unhealthy foods (food villains) and their battle for the body. It is a way to engage children with the topic of food and healthy eating. The accompanying CD-Rom supplies a number of images of the super heroes that can be used to present to classrooms, or for children at home to view on a home computer, making this a versatile tool for school nurses, nutritionists, parents and other health care providers.

CC 641.5 BAR [P15201]

Food: why we need to eat, what we need to eat, healthy eating / Band, Roslyn. / ELFRIDA SOCIETY. -- London: Elfrida Press, 1997. 15 p.

Clearly written and well illustrated this booklet gives advice on healthy eating. Suitable for people with an intellectual disability.

CC 641.5 BAN [P08114;P11869]

Food wizardry: a CD-ROM to help you choose food that is good for you and tasty.Food wizardry : an interactive CD-ROM about nutrition and food choices / Leighton, Sarah; Wright, Peter. / ROCKY BAY INC. -- Mosman Park: Rocky Bay Inc. 2003. 1 CD-ROM + 1 booklet inside case

Cris Leal (Rocky Bay) discusses the importance of healthy eating combined with a healthy lifestyle and introduces the "Food Wizz". The Food Wizz guides the user through topics that include good and harmful foods, the choices if eating at home or eating out, the Glacaemic index, reading food labels, Drinksafe and useful links to other websites.

CC 641.5 FOO [P09506]

Fruit rainbow : healthy eating for people with developmental disabilities -- Eugene, Or.: IRIS Media, 2006. 1 DVD (12 min. + 12 min.)

Suitable for people with an intellectual disability, this DVD can be viewed in two parts. In part 1, a member of a leisure bowling group ends up in hospital with chest pains, and everyone learns why it's important to eat more fruit. In part 2, the group is introduced to the fruit rainbow, and learns new strategies to eat more fruit. A full colour poster and 15 page activity book are available on the DVD for printing.

CC 641.5 FRU [P12210]

Getting your kid on a gluten-free casein-free diet / Lord, Susan. -- London;Philadelphia: Jessica Kingsley, 2009. 191 p. ; 23 cm.

Gluten-free casein-free diets are widely used to improve cognitive function, speech patterns, behaviour, and general well-being in children on the autistic spectrum. This book is written by a registered dietician and mother of an autistic child and is a practical guide on how to get a child on the diet and includes daily meal plans, recipes, shopping lists and nutritional advice on how to implement the diet correctly.

SC/AUT LOR [P12588]

Good looking, easy swallowing : creative catering for modified texture diets / Martin, Janet; Backhouse, Jane. -- Unley, SA: Julia Farr Foundation, 1993. 389p., col.ill.

Cookbook designed as a resource for caterers and caregivers of people with swallowing difficulties such as dysphagia.

CC 641.5 MAR [P07983]

Great meals costing less / Brown, Lynette; Hicks, June. -- Canberra: Nutrition Australia, 2006. 55 p.; 30 p.

This publication has been planned to help save money as you prepare healthy meals and snacks for the family. The advice and recipes included assist with shopping and cooking a variety of tastey and nutritious foods on a budget.

CC 641.5 BRO [P12422]

Happy tummies cookbook : an easy guide to healthy mealtimes -- [Mandurah]: Peel Early Years Group, 2010. 63 p. ; 24 cm.

A compilation of popular recipes aimed at families with young children, this cookbook was developed in Western Australia with input from a dietitian, families and staff working in local child care centres. It includes serving size suggestions, information on the food groups, tips to avoid fussy eaters, and shopping hints.

CC 641.51 HAP [P13915;P13916]

Just one more mouthful, please? Delicious, easy meals for children with chewing and swallowing difficulties and their families / Pridham, Elizabeth Ed. / South Australian Department of Human Services (Health) -- Adelaide: The Department, 1999. 57 p.

The booklet provides a range of ideas and recipes and general guidelines for providing adequate nutrition for a child with an eating difficulty. The recipes and tips have been provided by parents who have a child with an eating or swallowing difficulty.

CC 641.5 JUS [P09419;P09483]

Just take a bite : easy, effective answers to food aversions and eating challenges / Ernsperger, Lori; Stegen-Hanson, Tania. -- Arlington, Tex.: Future Horizons, Inc. 2004. 236 p.

Provides parents and professionals with practical strategies for addressing food aversions and problems with eating. The book defines the characteristics and criteria of a resistant eater, reviews oral motor development and the stages of eating, describes how sensory integration dysfunction can affect a child's mealtime, identify factors contributing to resistant eaters, present specific oral-motor activities, develop a comprehensive treatment plan, create a positive mealtime environment and provide sensory lesson plans for exploring new foods.

CC 641.5 ERN [P10772]

The kid-friendly ADHD & autism cookbook : the ultimate guide to the gluten free, milk free diet [casein-free diet] / Compart, Pamela J.; Laake, Dana. -- Beverley, MA: Fair Winds Press, 2009. 352 p. ; 24 cm.

This book is a guide to beginning and maintaining a healthier diet that can improve a child's brain function. It provides gluten and casein-free recipes and healthy substitutes, and offers suggestions for feeding the picky eater, and simple techniques for starting and maintaining healthy eating habits.

SC/AUT COM [P13347]

Kids good health recipe book / DAIRY AUSTRALIA. -- [Melbourne]: Nutrition Australia, 2007. 31 p. ; 15 cm.

This book aims to help encourage a love of good food and good nutrition in children from an early age. It gives nutritional advise and provides recipes and tips designed with busy people in mind, so that they can be adapted for the whole family.

CC 641.51 KID [P12963]

Let's eat! : a guide to mealtime management of children with autism spectrum disorder / AUTISM ASSOCIATION OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA. -- Shenton Park: Autism Association of Western Australia, 2014. 82 p. ; 30 cm.

This book provides a framework for parents and teachers to assess and identify the mealtime challenges for their children with Autism and to make the experience of mealtimes more enjoyable. It outlines essential mealtime management strategies e.g. setting the environment, creating routines, communication and visual support and posture and equipment. It includes an appendix with checklists, social story examples, templates and much more.

SC/AUT AUT [P15627;P15628]

Lifting the lid on lunch / Nutrition Australia. The Australian Nutrition Foundation, 2007. 1 Poster

This two sided poster presents healthy alternatives and tips for lunch, and includes a lunch box planner.

VERTICAL FILE - Nutrition [P12425]

Live now and have hope for the future / DIABETESWA. DiabetesWA, 2009. 14 p. ; 21 cm.

This booklet aims to encourage aboriginal communities to think more positively, change the current negative talk about diabetes, and promote the belief that diabetes can be prevented or delayed. Includes contact details for people who can help.

CC 610.8 LIV [P12582;P12581]

Maggs way : cooking for people unable to read / Bartley, Margaret. -- [Perth]: 2010. 79 p. ; 21 cm.

The aim of this book is to demonstrate and teach the art of cooking by diagram, pictures, signs and arrows, so those unable to read can not only learn and enjoy cooking, but share their skill with others. It includes an explanation and instructions for trainers/helpers and a method of making a comprehensive pictorial shopping list.

CC 641.51 BAR [P13471]

Mealtime management and overcoming restricted diets in children with autism / AUTISM ASSOCIATION OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA. -- Subiaco, WA: Autism Association of Western Australia, 2008. 32 p.

This book discusses the common difficulties related to food and meal times children with autism face and how some of these can be overcome. It includes strategies for introducing new foods and shows how to develop a management plan for establishing a meal time routine. Included are suggested visual cues and meal time schedules.

SC/AUT AUT [P14347;P15329]

Nourishing hope for autism : nutrition intervention for healing our children / Matthews, Julie. -- [San Francisco]: Nourishing Hope, 2008. 223 p. ; 28 cm.

This is a guide for parents and practitioners on why diet can help and gives a holistic approach to implementation. It provides a scientific understanding of why diet helps children, based on the authors clinical nutrition experience and research. It also gives pragmatic and helpful information.

SC/AUT MAT [P12847]

Nutrition and swallowing checklist / DISABILITY SERVICES COMMISSION; NSW Department of Community Services. -- Perth: Disability Services Commission, [2005] 11 p.

This checklist is a way of screening people for problems related to nutrition and swallowing and is aimed at raising awareness of nutrition-related and swallowing problems in people with disabilities. It was developed for carers of people with disabilities.

CC 641.5 NUT [P11920;P11921]

Nutrition for adolescents and adults with Prader-Willi syndrome / Borgie, Karen H. -- Sarasota, Fla.: PWSA (USA) 1995. 24p

A practical nutrition guide for adolescents and adults with Prader-Willi syndrome. It includes worksheets that provide guidance for setting realistic weight goals and selecting and planning a diet plan.

SC/PRA BOR [P09554]

Resistant eaters / THERAPY FOCUS. -- [Perth]: Therapy Focus, 2012. 23 p. ; 30 cm.

This resource contains information to help your child enjoy food. The contents cover how to encourage eating, making food fun, food play, exploding food myths, encouraging fruit and veg, mealtime behaviour, food aversion, increasing appetite, oral defensiveness, sensory based feeding difficulties, and fun with oromotor. Also available online at

CC 641.5 RES [P14891]

The secret of healthy children / Australian Nutrition Foundation. -- Bondi Junction: Focus Publishing, 2003. 176 p.

Aimed at families, this practical book provides information and tips on healthy eating as well as a range of recipes.

CC 641.5 SEC [P12423]

Secrets of good eaters : a guide to nutrition for families of children 0 to 3 years / NGALA. -- Perth: Ngala, 2003. 45 p.

A guide for parents on the benefits of breastfeeding, using infant formula, introducing solids and feeding toddlers. Highlights key aspects of nutrition for children aged form 0 to 3 years.

CC 641.5 SEC [P11740]

Sense-ational mealtimes : making sense of tricky mealtime behaviour, fussy/picky eating and feeding difficulties / Griffiths, Gillian; Stapleton, Denise. Gillian Griffiths and Denise Stapleton, 2013. 87 p. ; 26 cm.

This book aims to help parents explore tricky mealtime behaviour, fussy/picky eating and feeding difficulties with children of all ages. It helps the parent understand how the child's sensory preferences and feelings associated with past experiences influences what food, interactions and surroundings they prefer; notice and tune in to the sensory preferences of the family; discover how sensory preferences and associated feelings, memories, thoughts and arousal shape the child's behaviour and needs; develop stretching of the food the child accepts and enjoys; and nurture pleasant mealtime experiences for your whole family.

CC 641.5 GRI [P15023;P15566]

Special diets for special kids, Volumes 1 & 2 combined / Lewis, Lisa. -- Arlington, Tex.: Future Horizons, Inc. 2011. xiv, 375 p. ; 26 cm. + CD-Rom

The first part of this book describes dietary intervention from both a scientific and personal approach. The author's son has autism and has been on a gluten-free, casein-free (GFCF) diet for years. It includes research on the effects for children with autism, ADHD, allergies and celiac disease. The second part is an easy to follow cookbook. There is also a CD of printable recipes.

CC 641.5 LEW [P14542]

Special needs kids eat right : strategies to help kids on the autism spectrum focus, learn, and thrive / Converse, Judy. -- New York: Perigee, 2009. xiii, 289 p.; 21 cm.

This is a resource "parents can turn to for information, inspiration, and a positive action plan".(Book cover) The book includes advice for assembling a team of qualified and supportive experts; information on testing and nutritional diagnosis; simple substitutions that can be customised to suit the child's needs; suggestions for supplements; sample recipes and menu plans; strategies and tips for staying on track at outings and special occasions; and a long term programme for measuring progress and making adjustments.

SC/AUT CON [P12545]

Supporting healthy eating : what you need to know / MENCAP. -- London: Mencap, 2006. 65 p.

This book is aimed at improving the nutrition and food knowledge of staff and carers who work with people with an intellectual disability, so that that may in turn use this to support their healthy eating. It describes what healthy eating is and discusses nutrients, what our body uses them for, what foods they are found in, and what happens if we are not getting the right amount of nutrients. It also includes information on diet and obesity, diabetes, dementia, tips for shopping and menu planning.

CC 641.5 SUP [P12517]

Together we cook 'n' learn / Larkey, Sue; Durrant, Heather. -- Niddrie: Larmac Educational Resources, 2004. 52 p.

Using step by step instructions and colour photos, this cook book uses simple recipes that allow students to learn literacy, numeracy and other curriculum skills by cooking. This cook book can be used in conjunction with "Together we cook 'n' learn teaching manual".

CC 641.5 LAR [P10902]

Treating eating problems of children with autism spectrum disorders and developmental disabilities : interventions for professional and parents / Williams, Keith E.; Foxx, Richard M. -- Austin, Tex.: Pro-Ed, 2007. xv, 204 p. ; 28 cm.

Part one of this book is written for parents, teachers and caregivers whose children have eating problems that do not present an immediate health risk but do have continuing nutritional concerns and typically involve a child's food intake. Part two is written for professionals and details how to develop home and community based feeding interventions based on a child's eating behaviours.

CC 641.5 WIL [P14477]

A user guide to the GF/CF diet for autism, Asperger Syndrome and AD/HD / Jackson, Luke; Jackson, Jacqui. -- London: Jessica Kingsley, 2001. 169 p.

In this users guide to the gluten and casein free diet the author, a 12 year old boy, provides an honest assesment of the positive and negative aspects. He offers encouragement and practical advice on what to expect when beginning the diet, how to alleviate any intitial discomfort and how to live with the diet long term. Appendices by his mother provide favourite recipes, a food diary and suggestions for packed lunches.

SC/AUT JAC [P10545]

Visual recipes : a cookbook for non-readers / Orth, Tabitha. -- Shawnee Mission, Kan.: Autism Asperger Pub. Co. 2006. 105 p.

Contains step by step visual recipes to help young people with autism and intellectual disabilities prepare simple meals. Recipes include breakfast, lunch, side dishes, snacks, desserts and drinks. This book uses Imperial measurements and American terminology.

CC 641.51 ORT [P11745]