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A carer's guide : helping you care for someone with Alzheimer's or other dementias / Teitel, Rosette; Wall, Sharon. -- Lane Cove, NSW: Finch, 2003. 218 p.

A guide for carers based on the story of Rosette Teitel and her journey caring for her husband Newton when he is diagnosed with dementia. Practical advice is given from the moment of diagnosis, its progression and placing a loved one in residential care. Checklists and suggestions are offered in each chapter to help support the carer whilst helping their loved one. Offers the carer help with legal and financial issues, health and medicine and advice on aged care facilities.

CC 362.82 TEI [P10585]

Carer's handbook : a practical Australian guide to caring for people who are sick, elderly or have a disability / CARERS AUSTRALIA; ST JOHN AMBULANCE AUSTRALIA. -- Camberwell, Vic.: Dorling Kindersley Australasia, 2007. 192 p.

A practical illustrated guide for those looking after someone at home, with comprehensive advice on all aspects of caring. Basic nursing procedures, first aid techniques and useful equipment are some of the topics covered.

CC 362.82 CAR [P12021;P12022]

Caring into the future / May, Mardi. -- Westfield: Caring into the Future, 2004. 92 p.

Eight stories from a group of parents who have a child with a disability. They tell of challenges from the past and the positive plans they have for their children in the future. The stories tell of the strength of spirit, humour and a family's love for one another. Each family reflects on their life's journey and share their dreams for the future.

CC 306.875 MAY [P10814;P10815]

Coffee cup counselling : everything you need to know to prepare yourself to help friends and family experiencing emotional distress in the human conditions of relationships, grief, money worries, marriage, depression, suicide, health, family. / Woodroffe, David. -- Subiaco, WA: Oak Ridge Communication Group, 2003. 80 p.

To counsel effectively requires the right blend of the essential ingredients. This book is directed at anyone who finds themselves in the position of being a coffee cup counsellor. The author of this book draws on extensive experience to provide the reader with the knowledge to develop the skills to effectively support and help friends or neighbours with personal problems and become an empathic and non-directive listener.

CC 361.06 WOO [P10527]

Different dads : fathers' stories of parenting disabled children / Harrison, Jill, Ed.; Henderson, Matthew, Ed.; Leonard, Rob, Ed. -- London: Jessica Kingsley, 2007. 173 p.

A collection of personal stories written by fathers of children with a disability who reflect on their own experiences and offer advice to other fathers and families on the challenges of raising a child with a disability. Issues explored include the reactions of family, friends and colleagues, how to deal with the organisations and professionals that support familities with a disabled child, and the difficulty of being open about feelings in a culture that doesn't always expect men to have a sensitive or nurturing role. This book is aimed at families with disabled children, and also for professionals who work with these families.

CC 301.4272 DIF [P11889]

Follow your instincts : parent insights on having a child with a disability / Cummins, Robyn Ed.; Bratel, Joan Ed. -- Allambie Heights, NSW: Spastic Centre of NSW, 2005. 52 p.

Based on parent interviews, this booklet shares the experiences of other parents who have a child with a disability. Parents were asked to reflect on their child's early childhood experiences by commenting on diagnosis, family support, sibling relationships, contact with professional staff and finding information and services. The booklet contains useful tips and insights from parents that will provide encouragement and support to families of a child with a disability. A glossary and list of resources are included and the booklet is also available free on the Internet at

CC 305.23 FOL [P11020;P11021]

The gifts of caregiving : stories of hardship, hope and healing / Goldman, Connie. -- Minneapolis, Minn.: Fairview Press, 2002. 209 p. + 1 compact disc

Inspiring stories of caregiving from people who took on the responsibility of caring for loved ones in their time of need. Testimonies of love, compassion and humanity give hope and encouragement to those that have taken on the role of carer whether it be for the short term or long term. Included with the book is a compact disc called "Hardship into hope : the rewards of caregiving" based on a copy of a radio program broadcast in America interviewing family caregivers.

CC 362.82 GOL [P10711]

Going the distance / i.d.entity.wa. -- Perth: Elephant Productions, 2002. 1 CD-ROM (30 min.)

The CD-ROM gives an honest portrayal of the lives of three fathers of children who have intellectual disabilities. They explore many common issues such as relationships, work commitments, family responsibilities and partnerships giving their individual viewpoints. Brief comments from an experienced counsellor are included as well as a number of helpful coping strategies from the fathers. Also available on video.

CC 301.4272 GOI [P10377]

It's a long road / Lange, Noreen. -- Mount Hawthorn: Elephant Productions, 2000. 1 videocassette [or DVD] (52 mins) + 2 sheets

An honest and moving account of the emotions experienced by four mothers of children with disabilities. All the mothers live in Western Australia and talk about the challenges they have faced in raising their children and the strategies they have used to cope. Comments from two counsellors provide additional insights into the process of adjusting.

CC 301.427 ITS [P14218;P09580;P09890;P11123;P12360]

Lessons from my child : parents' experiences of life with a disabled child / Thomas, Bernadette Ed.; Dowling, Cindy Ed.; Nicoll, Neil. -- Lane Cove, NSW: Finch, 2004. 216 p.

A collection of stories written by parents about raising a child with a disability. The stories are divided into chapters which cover emotions and topics such as grief, denial, anger,depression, acceptance, empowerment, family and friends, love, spirituality and laughter. Describes the effect of raising a child with a disability on siblings, partners, and relations in a way that will inspire any family that must travel down this challenging path.

CC 301.427 THO [P10583]

More than a mom : living a full and balanced life when your child has special needs / Baskin, Amy; Fawcett, Heather. -- Bethesda, Md: Woodbine House, 2006. viii, 486 p.

This book provides information and advice for mothers of children with disabilities, including mental health or learning issues and chronic medical conditions. It discusses how to pay attention to your own needs; maintain physical and emotional health; eat well and get enough sleep; cope with demands of daily life; find quality child care; look after your marriage; make and keep friends; juggle career and home; and start a home-based business.

CC 301.427 BAS [P12494]

Mutual caring : multimedia resources / FOUNDATION FOR PEOPLE WITH LEARNING DISABILITIES. -- London: Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities, 2010. 1 DVD + 1 CD-Rom

This two disc set includes information as part of the Mutual Caring project. The Mutual Caring Project was set up to help promote recognition of good practice and develop improved service provision for older families where the balance of the caring relationship between the long-term family carer (often a parent) and the person with intellectual disabilities (normally an adult son or daughter) has changed. The DVD has video stories of personal experiences covering topics such as being a carer, person centred planning, carer's assessments, and group and peer support. The CD-Rom contains all resources, tools and reports developed as part of the Mutual Caring report. Resources have been made to help families, people with intellectual disabilities and staff in regards to mutual caring.

CC 362.82 MUT [P14631 ]

Opening the doors : the hidden life of carers / Hough, Lyndall Ed. -- Woollahra, NSW: Holdsworth Community Centre & Services, 2008. 139 p. ; 21 cm.

This book is about carers. It looks behind closed doors, to take a glimpse at the hidden life of carers and allows the reader to experience the richness of their stories and poems. Each carer has written in their own words, revealing the love, compassion, grief, anger, guilt and exhaustion they can all feel at times. The stories reflect how each person deals with caring differently. While one has developed a dry sense of humour, another finds solace in a spiritual and religious insight. Carers will recognise their own stories here and other people in the community will read in awe about the everyday lives of these very caring people. (Book Cover)

CC 362.82 OPE [P13040]

Supportive parenting : becoming an advocate for your child with special needs / Campito, Jan Starr. -- London: Jessica Kingsley, 2007. 253 p.

The author combines her expertise as an educator and developmental psychologist, with her experiece as a parent of two children with special needs, giving guidance on practical and emotional issues faced by parents. Topics covered include pre-diagnosis, obtaining and understanding evaluations, beginning therapeutic interventions, parenting roles, education plans, monitoring progress, and advocating for your child. This book is suitable for both parents and professionals.

CC 301.427 CAM [P11897]

What about me... a guide for caring : managing the challenges of caring for a person with a disability / Ryan, Terry; Ryan, Christopher. -- Melbourne: David Lovell Publishing, 2009. xii, 248 p. ; 25 cm.

This book provides insight into managing the challenges of caring for a person with a disability. It is a practical approach that enables parents, siblings and others to better manage the demands of providing lifelong care. This support is described in the guide as 'FamilyCare' and will enable parents not only better manage the needs of the family member with disability, but the whole family as well. This guide has been written from a parent's perspective and offers understanding, as well as offering help and direction for carers.

CC 362.82 RYA [P13641]

' When the children arrive...' : a resource book for kinship carers. / THE MIRABEL FOUNDATION. -- St Kilda, Vic.: 2004. 61 p.

Addresses and identifies some of the issues and concerns that may arise when children from parents who use illicit drugs are placed in the care of grandparents or relatives. Issues discussed include the sudden arrival of children, telling a child about a parents death or drug use, behavioural difficulties, bedwetting, sleeping difficulties, and grief. Gives a brief overview of the law relating to the care of children, financial assistance and useful contacts.

CC 362.82 WHE [P11291]

You are not alone : a carer's journey / Rhodes, Michelle; Dennis, Tanya. -- [Brisbane]: Cerebral Palsy League, 2011. 74 p. ; 21 cm.

This book has been written to provide guidance and advice to parents and carers centred on a child's early years, from birth to six years of age. It aims to help by sharing other parents' and carers' personal stories and experiences and to provide information and advice on services and support available. Topics covered include dealing with the diagnosis; adjusting to your child's disability; family dynamics; health management; therapy needs and equipment; education and learning; looking after yourself; transport; travel and recreation; and funding.

CC 362.82 RHO [P14360]

You can cope! Changing the way we deal with life's problems will enhance our ability to cope / Stebbins, Peter. / BRAIN INJURY ASSOCIATION OF QUEENSLAND INC. -- Milton, Qld: Headway Publications, 2000. 25p., ill.

Written for carers the booklet provides some tips on what causes stress and some effective methods of coping.

CC 155.9042 STE [P09566;P09588;P09589]