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Parent & Carer Support


Carers WA provides support for carers, including parents in Western Australia through advice, counselling, representation, educational workshops, social activities and more.

Disability Services Commission provides information about support services available for individuals, families and carers. The Commission's Local Area Coordination program supports families and people with disability throughout the State.

Kalparrin supports families and carers of children with special needs in Western Australia. They offer a variety of support services & programs to provide assistance to parents and children in need, as well as and services and resources provided by other organisations.

Support groups

The Activ Library Parent Portal provides links to support groups for a number of syndromes and conditions, including social networking sites.

ConnectGroups provides support and assistance to individuals and support groups with start-up, ongoing development, advocacy and networking. Their Directory of Support Groups provides links to disability organisations and other support groups.

The Kalparrin website provides links to a large range of condition specific agencies and support groups. Kalparrin will also try to meet parent requests to be put in touch with other families whose child has a similar condition to that of their child through their Parent Link service.

WA Special Families is an online Facebook community for families and carers of children with special needs. It has over 2000 members who share ideas, resources and chat about life in a special needs family via Facebook.