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Department of Education [Western Australia] -- East Perth, WA: Department of Education [2015]

Information for parents and the community including services and supports available, opportunities and learning, getting involved, and support for your child including special learning needs. Schools Online is a directory of all public schools in Western Australia.

Disability : schooling choices Better Health Channel 31/08/2017.

While written for Victorian parents much of the general advice about planning to send your child to school and choosing a school is relevant to WA parents. Topics include: moving from kindergarten to school; assessing your school choices; special resources; helping your child prepare for school; things to tell your child�s school; where to get help.

Education rights for children with disability Raising Children (Australia) Network 31/08/2017.

Topics covered include: education rights at mainstream schools; special schools; Disability Standards for Education 2005; and discrimination in education.

Inclusive high school education : Jacob�s story 2014. 1 video (19 min.)

This film was made to provide families with the experience of one student�s journey through primary to high school and showcase how Jacob�s school is adjusting and providing for him to have the same opportunities and school life as every student in the regular class.

A job well done : teacher resources -- [Melbourne]: State Government of Victoria 31/08/2017.

Includes the video A Job Well Done and associated worksheets to help prepare secondary students with disabilities for work experience or develop work skills for post school employment. Includes worksheets on getting for work and how to look neat, getting to work, how to behave at a workplace, know the rules of a workplace. Includes resources and explanations for teachers.

KidsMatter Early Childhood Commonwealth of Australia 31/08/2017.

KidsMatter is an Australian Government initiative which aims to strengthen the mental health and wellbeing of children, reduce mental health problems amongst children, and achieve greater support for children experiencing mental health difficulties, and their families. The website includes: KidsMatter Early Childhood: implementation in preschools and long day care; KidsMatter Primary: implementation in Australian primary schools; KidsMatter Transition to School: support during the transition to school. There are links to a range of downloadable resources organised by components as follows: a positive school community; social and emotional learning for students; working with parents and carers; helping children experiencing mental health difficulties.

LD OnLine -- Arlington, Va: LD OnLine 31/08/2017.

LD OnLine provides access to education and teaching related articles and resources for educators, parents, and others concerned about children and adults with learning disabilities and ADHD. Some of the topics covered include classroom management, behaviour and social skills, reading, writing, spelling, maths, speech and language, study skills, individualized education programs (IEPS), home schooling, and transition from school to work.

Parent Power brochure suite -- Belmont, WA: Therapy Focus 31/08/2017. Brochures

The Parent Power brochure suite has been developed by therapists to assist parents of children with disabilities address common issues and challenges they may face. Topics include: behaviour and routine; augmentative and alternative communication; daily learning; life at home; mobility; communication; self care; social relationships; transitions; play and the community.

Raising children network : the Australian parenting website Raising Children (Australia) Network 31/08/2017.

In 2007 this Australian website won awards for site of the year and best parenting site.It offers information specific to newborns, babies, toddlers, preschoolers, school age and for grown ups. It includes an A-Z health reference and interactive maps to help you to connect to services and support in your area. It has a sections on autism [] and disability [].

School of Special Educational Needs: Disability 31/08/2017.

The School of Special Educational Needs: Disability provides statewide support to schools to support students with disabilities and learning disabilities, provides contextualised and evidence based professional learning courses and provides seminars to support schools and online research, information and resources. [website]

SEN teacher : free learning resources 31/08/2017.

Includes free printable worksheets for reading, writing, maths, social stories, communication aids available under Creative Commons License. For primary school age children.

Toolkit for staff : a portal of information for staff working with students with a disability, injury, illness and/or health condition -- QLD: James Cook University 31/08/2017.

Website of disability information for staff working with students with disability that could be useful to anyone working in the disability sector. The toolkit is a portal of information with information on some common disabilities, possible impacts on study and learning, suggested communication strategies, teaching and assessment strategies and tools and additional resources. The site was developed for staff but may be relevant to any individuals or groups supporting people with disability in education, work or community environments.

Twinkl : SEN -- Sheffield, UK: 31/08/2017.

This is part of a website which provides free downloadable learning resources for children with special educational needs. The resources available include communication resources, visual timetable and routine resources, behaviour management resources, speech and langauge therapy resources, and resources for autism disorder.

Visual Aids for Learning : school pack -- Sydney: Visual Aids for Learning 31/08/2017.

Visual Aids for Learning has created downloadable visuals to help people learn everyday activities. This pack of visuals can help students, special needs students in particular, in seeing and understanding the daily class routine so as to be able to better stay on task and focused for work. It also aims to help students in knowing and understanding what behaviour is expected of them and to allow greater communication where speech is often delayed. Each pack is in Printable Document Format (PDF) and must be read by Adobe PDF Reader.