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Life Events - Ageing


Aged and Community Services WA 31/08/2017.

Aged and Community Services WA Inc. is the largest peak body in Western Australia representing 120 not-for-profit organisations which operate residential care facilities or community services for the elderly or people with disabilities. The website has a searchable database of accommodation and care services.

Ageing and its consequences for people with Down syndrome 31/08/2017.

Discusses the ageing process in people with Down syndrome. Examines the effect ageing has on the brain, age-related problems like Alzheimer's disease and the behavioural features of dementia. Explores the causes, diagnosis and treatment of dementia in people with intellectual disabilities.

Alzheimers Australia : help sheets & update sheets Alzheimer's Australia 31/08/2017.

These Help Sheets are pdf documents containing advice, common sense approaches and practical strategies on the issues most commonly raised. The update sheets also provide up to date information about dementia, for people with dementia, and families and carers of those affected.

BILD : Ageing well -- Birmingham, UK: BILD 31/08/2017.

This section of the BILD website is dedicated to ageing well and people with an intellectual disability. It provides links to key readings and downloadable resources about many aspects of ageing well to support older people to have a great life.

Continence Advisory Service of Western Australia Inc. -- Nedlands, WA: 31/08/2017.

Website of the Continence Advisory Service of Western Australia, an organisation which provides education, advice and information on bladder and bowel health issues, as well as offering a home and community care programme.

Still going strong : a guide to living with dementia -- London: Mental Health Foundation 31/08/2017.

This booklet explains some of the basic facts about dementia, gives ideas on where you can get practical and emotional help, offers advice on planning the future, and details some strategies which other people have used to cope with dementia.

Thinking forward: a planning guide for families -- London: 31/08/2017. 140 p.

This guide was developed with families so they have the information they need to think about and plan for the future. Parents, siblings and other relatives and friends can all be part of planning for a good future. People with learning disabilities need support to shape their future and be central to any planning. [Taken from wedsite]