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Ability Online Ability Online Support Network 24/08/2017.

Ability Online is a free Internet community for young people with disabilities or illness and their parents to meet others from all over the world. Allows children and youth to share information, experiences, stories and interests with others of similar backgrounds and life experiences. Includes newsletters, events and information on volunteering.

ACYS : Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies -- Canberra: Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations 24/08/2017.

Covers a range of topics related to youth under broad headings including: wellbeing and safety; young people in society; recreation and activities; rights; youth work and the youth sector.

Child and youth health Children, Youth and Women's Health Service. Government of South Australia 24/08/2017.

Practical health information for young people, their families and carers. The first section on parenting and child health discusses issues on family relationships, growth and child development, emotions and behaviour, nutrition, lifestyle, infections and immunisation, illness and health problems, safety, first aid and disabilities. The kids health section is designed for children to access their own information on topics including family, body, food, health, school, feelings, safety, becoming a teenage, fun games and an illustrated easy read section. The teen and young adult health sections discuss issues related to body, mind, relationships, drugs and alcohol, sexuality and living in society.

Visual Aids for Learning : the complete adolescent pack -- [NSW]: Visual Aids for Learning 24/08/2017.

Visual Aids for Learning has created downloadable visuals to help people learn everyday activities. The images are ideal for children and young adults, particularly those with learning difficulties. Where appropriate, the images are gender specific. This free, downloadable pack is to help explain to a young person the changes they are going through as adolescence and how to respond to these changes in an appropriate way. It features images relating to: changing body, personal space, emotions, sexual feelings, wet dreams and menstruation. Each pack is in Printable Document Format (PDF) and must be read by Adobe PDF Reader (Version 6.0 or later).

We are the strongest link Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities 24/08/2017.

This peer support training pack aims to help young people with learning disabilities feel stronger about themselves as they go through the transition from school to adult life. It was developed and run by young people who had already experienced transition and covers subjects such as friends, feelings, growing up and where to get support from

WellCast youtube WellCast 24/08/2017.

Youtube channel of WellCast, showcasing short, fun, animated videos aimed at promoting general wellness amongst adolescents and young people. A broad range of topics are covered including friendships, dating, personality types, puberty, sexuality, health, exercise, coping skills, mental health, bullying, suicide, cyber safety, motivation, studying and more.