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An examination of post school options programs for young people with a disability / THE MORELAND Group Training Technologies; JO STANTON CONSULTANCY. 1994. 1v

CC 331.598 EXA [P08429]

A foot in the door : a program to enhance work experience opportunities for high school leavers with a disability, incorporating the Big Plan. Program manual / Kane, Sebastian; Moore, Steve. -- Cannington, WA: Canning Coalition, 2009. 38 p.; 30 p.

This manual describes a new program designed to help develop work experience opportunities for young people with a disability.

CC 331.598 KAN [P12568]

Inclusive programming for high school students with autism or Asperger's syndrome / Wagner, Sheila. -- Arlington, Tex.: Future Horizons, Inc. 2009. xxiii, 392 p. ; 28 cm.

This comprehensive guide is to give parents and teachers help to give their child or student the best possible high school experience. The author provides strategies and solutions for before, during and after high school. Topics include transitioning from middle school, IEP goals and objectives, accommodations/modifications, course selections, developing friendships, dating, bullying, graduation requirements, zero-tolerance and discipline standards, driving permits, preparing for college, employment options, transitioning to the adult world, and planning for inclusion into the community.

SC/AUT WAG [P14921]

Life beyond the classroom : transition strategies for young people with disabilities / Wehman, Paul. -- Balt.: Paul H. Brookes, c1992. 459p.

CC 331.598 WEH [P03868 ]

Making our own way? Transition from school to adulthood in the lives of people who have learning difficulties / Ryan, Tony. -- London: Values Into Action, 1997. 31p

The report assesses the impact of British legislation dealing with transitional planning for young people with an intellectual disability who are about to leave school.

CC 331.598 RYA [P08228]

Personalisation in practice : supporting young people with disabilities through the transition to adulthood. / Franklin, Suzie; Sanderson, Helen. -- London;Philadelphia: Jessica Kingsley, 2014. 125 p. ; 23 cm.

This book demonstrates how the personalisation of support and services works in practice. The authors describe how Jennie, a young person with autism and learning difficulties, was supported through the transition from school to living independently using simple, evidence-based person-centred planning tools. Jennies's story illustrates the importance of quality person-centred reviews, dispels the myths surrounding Individual Service Funds and personal budgets and demonstrates how families, schools and other agencies can work collaboratively to help young people with disabilities move into adulthood with more choice and control over their lives, and with better life prospects.

CC 362.38 FRA [P15198]

Quick-guides to inclusion 2: ideas for educating students with disabilities / Giangreco, Michael F. Ed. -- Baltimore, Md: Paul H Brookes, 1998. 139 p.

A user friendly tool for making inclusion work in the classroom. Topics covered include adapting the curriculum, instructional strategies, communication systems in the classroom, administration in inclusive schools and transition from school to adult life.

CC 370 QUI [P08491]

Transition or transformation? : helping young people with Autistic spectrum disorder set out on a hopeful road towards their adult lives / Clements, John; Hardy, Julia; Lord, Stephanie. -- London: Jessica Kingsley, 2010. 170 p. ; 23 cm.

This book describes a programme developed over a number of years by teachers at a school for young people with ASD, which successfully enables autistic pupils to achieve their full potential. The authors explain in detail the challenges faced by the young people at the school and show how, encouraged by a culture of optimism and hopefulness, the programme developed their confidence and skills, with the result that many of them are now in employment. (Book cover) It also provides an exploration of the styles and techniques for building relationships, and concludes with a reflection on leadership and culture. Here the authors demonstrate that if the approach is adopted by an entire school and not just a handful of teachers, it really can work.

SC/AUT CLE [P13310]

We can dream : ways of planning for the future for young people with autistic disorders / Davies, Jill; Burke, Christine; Mattingly, Molly. -- London: Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities, 2009. 19 p. ; 30 cm.

This booklet is for young people and their families, friends and supporters to read and talk about together. It is based on the stories of four young people and is aimed to give good ideas on what to do when a person with learning disabilities leaves full time education so that they can have a meaningful life. It seeks to demonstrate that with careful planning, time and the right people to help- change can happen. It looks at ways of supporting people with autism through the person centred process. Can be downloaded at

SC/AUT DAV [P12854]

Where did the time go : transition to adult life / Dileo, Dale. -- St. Augustine, Fl: Training Resource Network, 2002. 22 p.

Looks at the key issues of transition planning for students leaving school and into adulthood. The book discusses mapping life goals, community, recreation, education and employment.

CC 331.598 DIL [P10557]