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All in a life's design : planning independent living. A resource handbook for parents with a young adult with a disability moving out of home / DISABILITY SERVICES COMMISSION. -- West Perth: Disability Services Commission, 2006. 54 p., app.

This booklet aims to provide a practical guide to parents who are looking at the possibility of their son or daughter moving out of home. It includes information on the following: community resources; income support and funding programs; financial planning; education, training and informal learning; employment, accommodation; independent living; health issues; and safeguards and strategies to manage new responsibilities and demands. Also included are the experiences of a number of young people and their families. The appendices provide information on a number of community resources, as well as resources specific to the Albany region.

CC 362.313 ALL [P12031]

The Down syndrome transition handbook : charting your child's course to adulthood / Simons, Jo Ann. -- Bethesda, Md: Woodbine House, 2010. xix, 289 p. ; 28 cm.

This handbook is designed to aid parents with the often overwhelming task of preparing a child with Down syndrome or other intellectual disability for adulthood. It gives practical tips and step by step instruction on envisioning their child's future, developing a transition plan, and seeing it through. It gives an overview of the transition process and looks at high school, postsecondary options, residential options, financial issues, legal issues and guardianship, training and employment, transportation, health care, and family and community.

SC/DOW SIM [P13553]

Get me to fair good Erin : Larry O'Bryan's journey / Albalat, Yola. -- Bristol: Inclusion Distribution, 2007. 1 DVD (16.30 min)

A story about an extraordinary man and his journey, the enthusiasm and courage for building a new life. Larry O Bryan dreamt of moving to Ireland, he communicated this desire in all sorts of ways. Along his journey he inspired many people to help him and taught us all to aim high. The DVD is set to enable you to watch all four chapters of Larry�s journey together, or each chapter on its own.

CC 306.875 GET [P12351]

A good life : for you and your relative with a disability / Etmanski, Al. -- Burnaby, BC: Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network (PLAN) 2000. 328p

A revised and expanded edition of "Safe and secure - six steps to creating a personal future plan for people with disabilities". This book aims to help parents create a safe, secure and pleasant living environment for their child both now and in the future with much less reliance on traditional social services. Worksheets included.

CC 362.38 ETM [P09546;P10534]

Home at last: how two young women with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities achieved their own home / Fitton, Pat; O'Brien, Carol; Willson, Jean. -- Lond: Jessica Kingsley, c1995. 195p., ill

Written by the parents of the girls, this book follows the attempts to help them achieve their dream of a home of their own. It offers practical guidance and expertise for setting up a home support scheme, including details of planning and financing.

CC 362.313 FIT [P05608]

The Homes West experience : steps to independent living for adults with a disability / Hole, Jill ed. / Homes West Association Inc. -- [Sherwood, Qld]: Homes West Association Inc. 2007. 82 p.

This book aims to help parents and carers face the difficulties when their son or daughter with disabilities leaves school and then home. It is based on real experiences and addresses getting started, living in the community and moving into a home of your own, and the next generation when the parents are no longer at home.

CC 362.313 HOM [P12429;P12430]

Laying community foundations for your child with a disability : how to establish relationships that will support your child after you're gone / Stengle, Linda J. -- Bethesda, Md: Woodbine House, 1996. 217p.

This book considers the human side of estate planning. It is a practical guide to establishing social relationships which will enable people with intellectual and other disabilities to be part of their communities after their parents or caregivers pass away.

CC 362.821 STE [P07858]

Making housing choices : a handbook on housing options for people with learning disabilities / King, Nigel; Harker, Maurice. -- Brighton: Pavilion, 2000. 107p

A practical manual which examines the different options available in the choice of accommodation for people with intellectual disability. Section Two is designed for service users and carers and consists of accessible factsheets on the main housing options. The authors' assumption is that helping people with their preferences and the provision of choice will lead to more suitable individual housing solutions.

CC 362.31 KIN [P10198]

Members of each other : building community in company with people with developmental disabilities / O'Brien, John; O'Brien, Connie Lyle. -- Ontario: Inclusion Press International, 1996. 140p

A collection of writings on inclusion. It looks at the problem of exclusion where people with developmental disabilities are excluded from the web of memberships and connections that define community life. A revised edition of "Members of each other: perspectives on social support for people with severe disabilities."

CC 362.36 OBR [P07689]

Moving out, moving in : how seven people with disability found their own homes / Dennis, Rae; Chenoweth, Lesley. -- Brisbane: Octavia Group, 2000. 124p

These seven stories illustrate the reality of life for people moving from insititutions to community based living arrangments in Queensland. The people in these stories have a range of support needs and different service arrangements are covered. All moved out of insititutions between 1995 and 1997 and have been living in community arrangements for a least a year. Key issues and recommendations for practice are covered.

CC 362.313 DEN [P09809]

A new home in the community / Hollins, Sheila; Hutchinson, Deborah. -- Lond.: St George's Mental Health Library, 1993. 71p. ill.

This book is designed to help people with learning disabilities make a happy transition to a new home.

CC 362.313 HOL [P04747]

Our lives, our choice : a video about the Disability Service Standards / NEW SOUTH WALES. DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITY SERVICES; NEW SOUTH WALES. Ageing and Disability Department; DISABILITY SERVICES COMMISSION. 2001. 1 videocassette (20 mins)

Designed to help people with disabilities understand the eight national Disability Services Standards. Real life situations in a home demonstrate how the standards should be applied. (Originally produced by the NSW. Department of Ageing and Disability it has been reissued by Disability Services Commission for use in WA.)

CC 362.401 OUR [P09935;P09936]

Parenting an adult with disabilities or special needs : everything you need to know or plan for to protect your child's future / Morgan, Peggy Lou. -- New York: AMACOM, 2009. xv, 203 p. ; 23 cm.

The author of this book believes the most loving thing parents can do is to prepare their children to leave home in a way that works best for them. She gives advise on teaching you child to be a self-advocate; helping your child find a good vocational programme; finding an apartment and a roommate; and understanding government programs that can help children while they become more independent. Transitional planning and estate planning are also considered, along with continuing the civil rights movement for disability rights.

CC 362.821 MOR [P13118]

Retarded isn't stupid, mom! / Kaufman, Sandra Z. -- Baltimore, Md: Paul H Brookes, 1999. 242p., ill.

A revised edition of a book originally published in 1988, detailing the life between the ages of 2 and 22 of Nicole, who has an intellectual disability. Written by Nicole's mother it is the story of the victories and setbacks that make up daily life for a family coping with disability. This edition brings the reader up to date with Nicole and the way she is living her life in the 1990's.

CC 306.874 KAU [P08675]

The road ahead : transition to adult life for people with disabilities / Storey, Keith ed.; Bates, Paul ed.; Hunter, Dawn ed. -- St Augustine, Fl: Training Resource Network, 2008. viii, 271 p.

This book is for people with disabilities and their families and those who help them transition to a quality adult life. It looks at transition planning, assessment, instructional strategies, career development, adult employment, community functioning skills, social life, quality of life, self-determination, supported living, and post-secondary education.

CC 331.598 ROA [P12440]

Room to move : young people with learning disabilities leaving home.Room to move : a book for parents of young people with learning disabilities leaving home / Cowen, Alison. / JOSEPH ROWNTREE FOUNDATION. -- Brighton: Pavilion, 2001. 1 videocassette (35 min.)/ 1 DVD + 1 book and notes

This video focuses on the experiences of seven young people with learning disabilities and their parents as they make the transition from living at home to living as a group in a home with paid carers in Brighton, U.K. It explores the process of leaving home from the planning stages, the feelings and experiences of the young people, their parents and carers shortly after the move, and then again a year later. It raises some important concerns and issues that can be applied to any similar situation. This video is part of a training resource which includes an accompanying book by Alison Cowen, where this scheme and two different housing schemes are discussed.

CC 362.313 ROO [P09352]

Safe and secure : six steps to creating a good life for people with disabilities / Etmanski, Al; Collins, Jack; Cammack, Vickie. -- Vancouver: Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network (PLAN) 2008. 168 p.

This special West Australian edition of the original Canadian publication, "Safe and secure", is based on the shared experiences of families in Western Australia and Canada. The book aims to assist families in creating a safe, secure and pleasant future for relatives with a disability by providing a practical six step guide for dealing with an often complex and emotive issue. This edition includes West Australian content with contributions from PIN (Planned Individual Networks) and includes an appendix listing relevant local organisations. Worksheets are also included.

CC 362.38 ETM [P12302 ]

Shopping smart : shopping skills for life / ATTAINMENT COMPANY. -- [Verona, Wis.]: Attainment Company, 2007. 1 DVD (41 min.)

This DVD is one of the Mary on the Move series in which a young woman with developmental disabilities makes steady strides toward self sufficiency. In this she invites friends, who have helped her move, over for a home cooked meal. Viewers see the steps Mary takes to do her shopping and learn how to plan a grocery store routine in a set sequence. The DVD blends entertainment with instruction.

CC 371.928 SHO [P13108]

Spread your wings : a handbook for young people moving into their own home in the Busselton to Augusta Capes region / DISABILITY SERVICES COMMISSION. -- Perth: Disability Services Commission, 2007. 35 p.

A handbook designed for young people and their families in the Busselton and South West capes region during the time of transition from school or home towards living independent living. Section one is on how to get started and includes information on planning, choosing a home, money matters, budgeting and finances, maintaining a tenancy, and independent living services. Section two includes information about other services in the community that may be of assistance including transport, employment, training, recreation, legal issues, drug and alcohol problems, and emergency contacts.

CC 362.313 SPR [P12030]

Yes! She knows she's here / Schaefer, Nicola. -- Toronto, Ont.: Inclusion Press International, 1997. 154p.

A follow up book to "Does she know she's there?" this is Catherine's story from age 25 to 35. It documents the move into her own home and the changes, difficulties and triumphs that such independence brings.

CC 306.874 SCH [P09104]