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After your child's diagnosis : a practical guide for families raising children with disabilities / Binstock, Cathy Lynn. -- Manassas, VA: E.M. Press, 1997. 158 p.

This is a practical guide for families raising children with disabilities. It looks at the initial grieving process, siblings, grandparents, independence for children with disabilities, school, adolescence, adulthood and alternative care.

CC 301.427 BIN [P09600]

Asperger's syndrome : from diagnosis to solutions - a guide for parents / Quigg, Phyllis; Nugent, Oonagh. -- [London]: Down Lisburn Trust, 2005. 31 p.

A brief guide for parents who have just had their child diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. Will help parents gain a better understanding of Asperger syndrome and explains some of the core difficulties associated with this syndrome.

SC/ASP QUI [P11671]

Children with disabilities / Batshaw, Mark L Ed. -- Sydney: Maclennan & Petty, 2002. 870 p. ill.

A comprehensive resource on children with all types of disabilities, with chapters on genetics, heredity, pre and postnatal development, specific disabilities, family roles and intervention. This new edition includes chapters on substance abuse, AIDS, Down syndrome, fragile X, behaviour management, transitions to adulthood and health care in the 20th century.

SC/CHI [P09294]

Developmental delay : an information guide for parents / ROYAL CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL, MELBOURNE. Department of Child Development and Rehabilitation. -- Melbourne: Royal Children's Hospital, 1999. 24 p.

This booklet introduces the topic of developmental delay with a brief outline of normal expectations during child development. It includes a description of the term 'developmental delay', including the major causes and various presenting features of children with the delay. There is also information about assessment and services available to children with delay. An updated 2009 version can be found online at .

CC 305.231 DEV [P10121;P10122]

Directory of genetic rare disease support groups and community support organisations / Genetic and Rare Disease Network. Genetic and Rare Disease Network, 2015. 145 P. ; 29 cm.

Provides information on genetic and rare disease support services to health professionals, individuals, and lists genetic and rare disease support groups.

R361.8 DIR [P15800]

Directory of genetic support groups and associated organisations in Western Australia / GENETIC SUPPORT COUNCIL OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA; WESTERN AUSTRALIA. Department of Health. Genomics Directorate Department. -- Perth: Genetic Support Council of Western Australia, 2003. 63 p.

Contact details and general information are provided on support groups for genetic conditions in Western Australia.

R361.8 DIR [P11264]

Disorganized children : a guide for parents and professionals / Stein, Samuel M., Ed.; Chowdhury, Uttom, Ed. -- London: Jessica Kingsley, 2006. 342 p.

Provides practical and user friendly information to parents and professionals on how to identify and manage children and adolescents with mild neuro-developmental difficulties that may not warrant formal diagnosis. Explores an holistic approach to addressing the difficulties faced by disorganised children at home and school. Discusses child development, neuro-developmental problems, disorganised children and the principles of management from a psychological and educational viewpoint.

SC/AAA DIS [P11666]

Do you hear what I hear? : parents and professionals working together for children with special needs / Fialka, Janice; Mikus, Karen C. -- Livonia, MI: First Page Publications, 1999. 51 p.

Explores the dynamics within parent-professional partnerships. Provides insight from a parental and professional perspective of the hopes, fears, expectations and uncertainties of caring for a child with special needs.

CC 362.8 FIA [P11641]

It's a long road / Lange, Noreen. -- Mount Hawthorn: Elephant Productions, 2000. 1 DVD (52 mins)

An honest and moving account of the emotions experienced by four mothers of children with disabilities. All the mothers live in Western Australia and talk about the challenges they have faced in raising their children and the strategies they have used to cope. Comments from two counsellors provide additional insights into the process of adjusting.

CC 301.427 ITS [P14218;P12360]

Moments in MyTime / MyTime@Milligan. -- Bundoora, Vic.: MyTime@Milligan, 2008. 62 p.

Various families from southwest WA attending the MyTime@Milligan program in Bunbury tell their stories of their journey to discover their child has a disability.

CC 306.874 MOM [P12523]

Playing the hand that's dealt to you : a guide for parents of children with special needs / Morel, Janet. -- Melbourne Beach, FL: Canmore Press, 2000. 145 p.

Written from the perspective of a parent, this book provides suggestions and advice for families who have a child with special needs. Strategies are discussed on topics such as how to help create family support systems, how to encourage verbal and non-verbal communication, how to make inexpensive toys, getting the best education for your child, how to plan for the future and caring for the parents physical and emotional well-being.

CC 305.23 MOR [P10824]

Talking to family and friends about diagnosis / Tullemans, Anne. -- Redcliffe, Qld: DJ Publishers, 2004. 57 p.

Presented in a clear and easy to read format, this book provides practical advice and ideas on how to explain a diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome or autism to the person with the diagnosis, siblings, family, friends, students and teachers and other school staff. It includes: where to find information; who needs to know; why they need to know; what to tell; and what to say so people will understand your needs.

SC/ASP TUL [P12333]

Yes you can!: a guide for parents of children with disabilities / Nagler, Mark; Nagler, Adam. -- Toronto, Ont.: Stoddart Publishing Co. Ltd, 1997. 296p

Written for parents by someone who has a disability himself, the book aims to show parents how to develop and maximize their child's potential and how to assist their children to become active, independent human beings.

CC 301.427 NAG [P08925]

You can cope! Changing the way we deal with life's problems will enhance our ability to cope / Stebbins, Peter. / BRAIN INJURY ASSOCIATION OF QUEENSLAND INC. -- Milton, Qld: Headway Publications, 2000. 25p., ill.

Written for carers the booklet provides some tips on what causes stress and some effective methods of coping.

CC 155.9042 STE [P09588 ]

Your child has a disability: a complete sourcebook of daily and medical care / Batshaw, Mark L. -- Baltimore, Md: Paul H Brookes, 1991. 345p., ill.

This comprehensive book offers advice to parents on a wide range of medical and educational issues which may concern a child with a disability. Detailed chapters explore treatment approaches, behaviour management, nutrition, dentistry, physical therapy, occupational therapy and commonly used medicines.

CC 301.427 BAT [P08673]