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Information is important to the parents of children with developmental disabilities in making decisions about the best care for their child. However finding quality information easily and quickly can be difficult.

Activ Library's Parent Portal aims to provide a starting point for parents to quality resources about developmental disabilities and covers books, videos and websites.

The Internet contains much valuable information, however managing the volume and quality of information is sometimes difficult. The following guide looks at how to evaluate health information on the net, using search engines and some of the better general sites that are available.

Assessing the quality of sites

Search engines

When using search engines, it is important to remember that different countries use different terms to refer to "intellectual disability". In the USA the term used is "mental retardation", while in Britain they use "learning disabilities". Disability Infolink provides information on how to search the professional literature and links to professional literature databases.

Australian websites with general information on disability

Other websites with general information on disability

Information on specific syndromes and conditions